What Is the Battery Life of Iphone 12?

The iPhone 12 is the latest from Apple, and it’s set to be a game-changer. It comes with a big price tag, but for some, it’s worth every penny!

The battery life is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new phone, and that’s why we’re going to take an in-depth look at just how long your iPhone will last on one charge.

We’ll also cover what can be done if you need more power and want to know about other features on this sleek device. So stay tuned!

iPhone 12 and its Specifications

Apple’s iPhone 12 is equipped with the latest 5G technology that can give you blazing-fast downloads and uploads, better quality video streaming, improved gaming performance at a much higher resolution of 1080p FaceTime calls.

For those in countries outside of America who do not have access to mmWave coverage for their iPhones 12 yet will only be left with slower Sub-6GHz connectivity, which cannot deliver such high speeds even if they are close enough to an available tower or hotspot.

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 models feature dual-lens cameras for the first time, with camera technology being one of their main differentiators.

The standard version features a 1/2.55″ sensor size and an f/1.8 aperture lens. At the same time, the Pro model has a larger 2x optical zoom telephoto lens paired with faster image stabilization to capture clear images from afar or in low light conditions – without sacrificing quality!

A 120-degree field of view is excellent for capturing landscape shots that are sure to wow your friends on social media. Apple also has added Lens Correction technology into their new phones’ cameras which they believe will be game-changers when it comes to creating content from phone pictures!

Apple has added features such as distortion correction, so your image isn’t ruined by all those edge distortions caused by shooting at ultra-wide angles.

They also include Face ID unlocking capabilities that allow access to things like banking apps without entering passwords!

How long does an iPhone 12 battery last?

The new iPhone 12 Pro is a stunningly gorgeous but still functional upgrade from the previous models. But how long does the iPhone 12 battery last?

Featuring an A14 Bionic chip and 5G support with up to 50% higher CPU power than last year’s iPhones. This phone’s battery size has been reduced even smaller at 2815 mAh compared to 2555-2691mAh of the 11th gen model!

When in use

The battery life of iPhone 12 is better than last year. The iPhone-12 can go for nearly 20 hours on calls and 13 hours of web browsing or video playback.

With moderate use, it can last you about 14 hours, from 100% to 0%. In our tests with heavy usage, we were able to get around 8-9 hours of screen time before the phone died on us at just over 50%, which is significantly more than what other smartphones have been delivering in recent years.

The new iPhone 12 Pro is a better battery performer than the company’s other models, but it comes up short. The phone can last moderate users half of an entire day on one charge, and we’re not surprised by this considering its OLED screen, which drains power like no other.

When not being used

iPhone 12 may not last two days of battery life for heavy users. For moderate users, it may last a day and a half of battery life on one charge.

With zero activity, there was still more than 60% of the battery available when we checked.

When a power-hungry App is opened for the first time, it takes about 30 minutes to a full charge but then requires only 5 minutes of charging daily to maintain its level.

With just one hour’s worth of charge, you’ll get up to 3 hours of talk time or music playback. This makes it possible for the iPhone 12 to be used as a ‘mobile hotspot’, enabling others to access the Internet on their devices, including those with laptops or other computers.

Any Downside?

Rumors of disappointing battery life across the iPhone 12 lineup have proven to be true, with some models actually offering shorter battery lives than previous generations.

Apple has had to address the problem of iPhone 12 devices having their aluminum body fade. Affecting mainly PRODUCT(RED) versions, but other colors could be impacted as well.

An update has been released by Apple for iOS 14.5 with a fix in place for those whose devices were experiencing issues like flickering or gray screens. Customers should wait until they have installed this patch before rushing out into shops looking for repairs because it is not clear if these problems have now been fixed completely yet after installing this latest software update on your phone.

In comparison, other new features such as an improved camera or 3D touch seem like little more than gimmicks in light of these issues impacting daily use for many users worldwide who covet Apple products but now may choose not to purchase them if they can’t afford it.

Why should you care about how long your phone lasts before needing to charge again?

Since you’ll be using your phone more than most people in our modern age, it’s crucial to know the average time you can use your phone before it gets drain so you can invest in a quality charger.

Using top-rated chargers can help avoid safety risks when charging with the wrong outlet or plug, as well as damage to your devices and the risk of fire. A slow charge is also going to take way too long before you’re able to use it again.

Battery life may change depending on your usage patterns and settings, but it should be enough for most people’s needs.

The battery life of your device is determined by how often you charge. It’s best to top up every 10% drop in the level, but it might not always be practical or possible for everyone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

You can check the current battery percentage by going into Settings > Battery.

Tips for saving your phone’s battery and extending its lifespan

You can prolong the battery by turning off location services when they’re not being used.

Some other ways you can conserve your battery are also available, such as dimming your screen brightness or deleting apps that run in the background without you noticing them draining your power.

It’s important to keep your battery level between 30% and 90%. Pushing in the last charge from 80-100% can cause lithium ions within a cell to age faster.

Charge the phone when it drops below 50% and before 100%. For this reason, you might want to reconsider leaving your phone plugged in overnight.

Easing away from the last charge that pushes a lithium-ion battery into its most detrimental state of aging causes more harm than good.

Charge your device, but make sure to leave it idle while charging. If you charge your phone while using it – for example, watching a video or playing an app- the battery will “confuse” and deteriorate more quickly than if left alone.

Batteries are like humans – they must live in a comfortable climate. Batteries thrive around 20-25 degrees and get hurt by too much heat or cold.

When you come home from that long walk during the winter, let your phone reach room temperature before plugging it in to recharge the battery!

If you want your battery to live as long as possible, make sure not to let either extreme get too hot or too cold during charging.

Final Words:

Keeping the battery level between 30% and 90% will provide optimal performance and longevity. It’s also a good idea to top up your phone within 10-30 minutes after each charge, even if it’s not fully drained. The extra charge gets “stored” in the unit itself, giving you more power later on.

Finally, check if the device is getting hot. If it is, then don’t charge it. If you’re unsure about its temperature, place your hand on it and check for yourself.

You can also find an app that will guide you in how to extend battery life by up to 50%, although this doesn’t always work due to the wide variety of devices on the market today.

It’s also helpful to know that two different types of batteries are available in the modern age – lithium-ion and lithium polymer. The other one is more common, but the latter can have up to twice the energy capacity.

Both types of battery charge from 0% to 100% and then discharge down a little during use.

The iPhone 12 battery life is expected to be around 24-30 hours when idle, and half of it the most if you’re a heavy user. This would make the battery lasts for a full day of normal use, in addition to charging on its own overnight.

It’s important to remember that your phone will eventually slow down and need to be replaced. To make the most out of your device, and save yourself some money, invest in a good charger and a wireless charging pad if you don’t already have one.

Money talks, as the saying goes.

It can be enough to ease your indecision about whether you should upgrade to a new phone or not when you find yourself with an opportunity like this one.

If so, it is worth taking advantage of trade-in specials from wireless providers if there are any. They may offset some of the cost of getting a brand new iPhone 12.

Another option would be holding out until we hear more on what will come in the next model and then buy up discounted iPhones once prices plummet after that announcement has been made!

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