How to Show the Battery Percentage on iPhone 12?

If you’re like me, then your battery percentage is one of the first things that you need to see when you wake up in the morning. It’s also a good idea to know how much juice is left before heading out for an all-day event. With your phone being such a big part of your life, it should be easy to see what percentage of power remains on our iPhone 12.

Through this article, we will walk you with the steps of showing battery percentage on your iPhone 12. We’ll also discuss some other apps that can help with your battery life if you’re not interested in displaying it on your home screen.

How to show battery percentage on iPhone 12?

If you want to check and see the iPhone 12’s battery percentage, it’s time to learn about the Control Center. This handy feature lets you see how much juice is left from anywhere on your phone by swiping down and tapping a button in that top-right corner. You can also explore other features like turning off Wi-Fi or adjusting screen brightness with just one tap! For some reason, Apple removed this option for iPhone 12s, though, so it’s best to check the manual that comes with your phone.

Now that Apple has moved the battery percentage notification to Control Centre, a lot of people are quite frustrated with the display setting. The one slight problem is that you don’t always want your battery life displayed in Control Center when it isn’t necessary for what you’re doing at the moment. Some might even prefer an app like Battery Notifier Pro, as there’s a limit on how many screens can be included, and widgets show up right away without having to open anything else first!

What are other ways to enable the iPhone battery percentage?

In the past, people were able to display their iPhone battery indicator with a simple toggle in settings. The iPhone 12 has many different features that have made it more complicated than ever before. The iPhone’s battery percentage used to be seen in the status bar, but now you’ll need to toggle a few more options to show your battery life as well!

1) Use the Widgets

You can also show battery percentage through the use of the widgets on the notification center by swiping down the top part of your phone. This will show battery percentage, as well as a few other bits of information like time and day. This can be done by:

  • tapping and holding a blank space on the home screen
  • next, tap the + icon on the top-left corner to show the widget picker
  • look for “batteries”
  • set the format and add it to your home screen

2) Use a voice command through Siri

Another way to enable your battery percentage is with the use of Siri. This feature will work when you set up a voice command that will ask Apple’s assistant how much is left on your phone.

Examples of questions you ask Siri are:

3) iPhone shows battery percentage while charging.

Regardless of how your iPhone charges, you will be able to check the battery level. When charging via MagSafe, the charging animation is different for iPhone 12 models. The iPhone doesn’t display battery percentage to allow the consumer to see what’s draining their battery. Android phones do provide that info in their “battery” settings.

How to check the battery health of the iPhone 12?

After a long day of using your iPhone 12, always check the battery health. The Battery Health feature shows you exactly how much your maximum capacity is at any given moment, and it gives you an idea of when that percentage will change. If there are no changes in usage patterns or if there have been more than two days without charging, then it might be time for you to have a new battery on iPhone 12!


We don’t want a dead battery on our iPhone 12, and the battery percentage is an important indicator of how much power you have left on your phone. In this article, we’ve covered a few ways for displaying battery percentage on iPhone 12 in different places.

It is an excellent way to check the battery health of the iPhone 12, as it is an intricate part of how our phone operates. We recommend reading Apple’s official guide on battery health for more information.

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