What Is the Battery Life of GoPro Hero 9?

If you are heading to a market for a new action camera this year, you might be wondering what the battery life of the GoPro Hero camera is. The answer to that question isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. There are plenty of deciding factors to consider to determine how long your camera will last on one charge, including what resolution and frame-rate settings you use.

GoPro is one of the best famous brands in action cameras. Their newest release, the GoPro Hero 9, has a lot to offer for both new and old users. Many people have been asking since it was released, “What is the battery life for the Hero 9?” This article will explore how long you can expect your camera battery to last when recording video or taking photos.

What is the battery life of the GoPro Hero 9?

The GoPro Hero 9 has a larger mAh battery than its predecessors and claims to deliver 30 percent better battery life.

The GoPro hero 9 battery life is optimal at about 2 hours. The factors that will change this are that if you are using your camera for a continuous video shoot at 60fps, if there are features that are turned on, and are frequently checking your camera feed.

Are there ways to extend battery life on the GoPro Hero 9?

There are a few things you can do to extend the battery life on your GoPro Hero 9. If you think that you will be away from an outlet for a long time and will need your camera, then make sure to fully charge it before you head out.

Another way to extend battery life is by turning off your display (in Advanced Settings) and disabling other features when not in use because these are the most reasons for battery drain.

You can also turn off GPS and Bluetooth. Check every other setting in Advanced Settings to ensure they are turned off if they aren’t needed for what you are filming.

You should always keep the GoPro Hero 9 off when it is not recording. This will increase its battery time and help you get the most out of all your photos.

Keeping your batteries warm in cold weather affects battery life. A lithium-ion battery does not perform well in cold temperatures. To avoid your GoPro Hero 9 running out of battery while not in use, it is suggested to place it inside a zippered pocket of any thick clothing.

Keep your GoPro’s LCD screen off to save power. Sticking with the “old-fashioned way” of not using an LCD while filming will help conserve battery life, so it is better for you to experience than having a tough time getting used to turning on and off the camera every now and then.

Can I use the battery of the older version of GoPro on my Hero 9?

It is not recommended to use the batteries of an older model with a newer one. Batteries are created for specific purposes for them to function correctly. It is still best to use the battery pack that came with your GoPro camera.

If you upgraded from an older GoPro model to the Hero 9, then your spare batteries will not work with this camera. Also, if you have a battery charger for any other models of Hero cameras and you want to use it on your new Hero 9 (or vice versa), they won’t match up because the newest version has larger lithium-ion cells that are incompatible with the previous versions.


GoPro Hero 9 is a fantastic camera that is capable of doing an impressive variety of things. The battery life can be a challenge, but with some time and effort, you should find out how long your brand-new GoPro will last on one charge.

The battery life of GoPro Hero 9 is not long enough for many people’s needs. One best solution to this problem would be using a compatible battery or the same brand that comes with your camera.

It would be best to never forget when thinking about GoPro Hero 9 devices’ battery life because having more accessories can drain the battery faster. If you plan to use different accessories with your GoPro, it might be best to use one that can plugin and is not dependent on its own power source.

Another option is bringing extra batteries with you when out shooting video and swapping them in between shots if needed. This will allow you to continue taking footage without interruption until your camera runs out of juice entirely, making it a perfect way to get more time on screen.

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