What is the Battery Life of Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a device that has been getting a lot of attention lately. It's new, it's exciting, and it's from Apple! People have been wondering about the battery life of this device ever since it was announced. In this article, we will detail out things and look at some important information concerning the battery life on your Apple Watch so you can make an educated decision before buying one.

What is the battery life of Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a small device that can do more than you think. It connects to your iPhone and delivers notifications, makes calls for you (with VoIP enabled), sends text messages or emails as well run apps! You'll be able to stay connected with friends without taking out your phone every time someone needs something from one of these messenger services: WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Tango messaging platform Viber SMS+. A lot of people might think it only has fitness tracking abilities, but there's so much more than this, too, like listening to music while doing other things simultaneously.

With these outstanding features that this device offers, it has a decent battery life of up to 18 hours after an overnight charge. This was based on Apple's official estimate factors from time checks and notifications, 60mins workout, app use for 45mins, and music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

The battery life of this device also depends upon which features are used. If you enable Bluetooth, use it for two hours every day, listen to music for seven hours, talk for 90 minutes, and exercise while listening to music, the battery will deteriorate.

How long does it take to charge an Apple watch?

The estimated charging time takes two hours for the Apple watch series 3-5 and may reach 80% charge after 90mins via the magnetic charging cable. This might take a while if a third-party charger is used. The new Series 6 should take 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to reach 100% charge. That takes 2 hours for the Series SE to get a full charge.

There are many ways you can do to check the remaining battery life on your Apple Watch, so you are informed of when is the best time to charge your device. One of them is by using the battery complication on the watch face, which displays a power reserve indicator. You can also tap to open Control Center and swipe up from the bottom edge to check how much charge you have left in percentage terms. When it is charging, you can navigate the green charging icon to check the battery's progress. These ways will help you view the remaining battery life on your Apple Watch.

How to make the battery life last longer on your Apple watch?

There are several different things that can be done to make the battery life last longer on your Apple Watch, and some of these are:

  • Adjust the interface background to black.
  • Disable certain notification features.
  • Adjust the brightness of your display to a lower setting. If you are not looking at it or using it, then turn off its backlight by pressing and holding down the side button until the power menu pops up on the screen and select 'turn off. This will also help extend battery life when traveling outside in bright places.
  • Turn off the heart rate monitor and wrist detection features. These will save battery life but will also impact how much you can do with your watch. If these are not important to you, then turning them off is a great way to increase your Apple Watch's battery life.
  • Use Power Reserve Mode to save battery life when needed. Turn on power reserve mode by pressing and holding down the side button until you see a power menu pop up on your screen. Slide the Power Reserve switch to turn it on/off. This will cut off all communication with your iPhone, so if someone calls or any other notifications come through, they won't reach you. You can still receive them, but they won't be able to reach you on your Apple Watch.
  • Reduce the amount of notifications that come through by turning off some app settings or changing them, so they don't send as many push notifications. This will save battery life and make it last longer between charges.
  • Make sure apps are updated for watch OS updates when released because sometimes new updates will include battery life improvements.
  • Turn off Siri if you don't use it. This will save battery life by increasing the amount of time your Apple Watch can go between charges.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch is an amazing device with many features that make it stand out from other watches on the market. It can be overwhelming, or it might be challenging to know where to begin because there are different options to choose from, but with proper settings, you'll have your Apple watch lasting longer than ever before. Take advantage of the information provided in this article to ensure that your Apple Watch's battery lasts as long as possible.

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