Does True Tone Drain Battery?

Apple has not officially confirmed whether True Tone affects battery life on the new iPad Pro. But others claimed that True Tone helps save some battery life because its adaptive features adjust brightness and color temperature depending on your environment.

However, in some cases, users have noticed that turning off this setting does increase their battery percentage by several points. If you are interested in maximizing your device’s uptime, disabling the True Tone may be a good idea. After all, the battery-saving benefits are certainly not worth sacrificing screen quality.

Is True Tone worth using?

Generally, the true tone in iPhone is worth using as it prevents eye strain and increases reading comfort. The color temperature setting on your camera or phone’s screen makes whites look warmer or colder depending on the scene; this feature changes the white light that reaches a blue-sensitive layer in your eye called photoreceptor cones from being evenly distributed across all colors of light to being skewed towards producing less blueish hues. It means more red is against blue, activating different parts of your retina, so your eyes never have to switch back and forth between adapting to these two flavors of stimulus.

Additionally, it could last up to 18 hours before power-saving mode for those with a fully-charged device.

Is True Tone good for your eyes?

The True Tone in the iPhone models adjusts not only the color of the screen but also its intensity to make it more comfortable on your eyes. If you do not plan to use your phone for hours of continuous reading, the True Tone is a great feature to make it more comfortable. The color and intensity will be adjusted to make working on your screen less tiring for your eyes.

Does True Tone save the battery of the MacBook pro?

Apple has not publicly released information on whether or not the True Tone feature impacts the MacBook’s Pro battery life. However, customers have reported that deactivating this setting does result in a rise in the battery % by a few percentage points after the setting has been disabled. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure that your device continues to function for the maximum period possible, it is strongly suggested that you turn off the True Tone feature.

Further, you should also keep in mind a few factors that affect the draining of your battery, though Apple’s iOS apps tend to be good about being optimized for power consumption. These include the third-party applications that influence the power usage as well as performance, and those problems may not always fall on the developers of a said app some cases, it has to do with Apple’s APIs.


True Tone is a great feature that makes iPhones look even cooler with its color-shifting abilities. It makes the display of your iPhone look better in any lighting conditions. However, it does drain more battery compared to a standard white balance setting. Knowing how to turn off True Tone often when you need the extra life is a great way to extend your phone’s battery.

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