How to check the battery temperature on Android?

One of the essential parts of your Android is the battery. When your mobile phone is exposed to extreme temperatures, the battery’s performance degrades dramatically and diminishes its service life. Therefore, knowing and taking care of its temperature can help you gear up for its long-term usage. That’s why it is important that you always check battery temperature. If you want to know how to monitor your android battery temperature effortlessly, don’t miss reading this article.

Phone temperature check code, how does it work?

Checking the battery temperature depends on the model of your Android, as some don’t have this feature. Here are some options you can follow to know its battery temperature:

Option 1: Dial #*#4636#*#* on your dial pad.

The screen will pop up different information about your Android’s battery, then tap on the “Battery Temperature” tab.

  • You should have nothing to worry about if the temperature is between 29℃ and 40℃. But once the battery temperature reaches 40 degrees, it’s no longer safe for your phone, and you should shut down all high-definition games and applications.

Additionally, if you want to know other information shown in this method, you may check the following:

Option 2: Through the Setting App.

  • Go into Setting and choose “Battery and Performance” from the options.
  • Tap on the Battery tab, which will show different information about the battery, including temperature, how many times the phone was charged daily, battery saver options, etc.

Option 3: Third-party Applications.

If the options above aren’t available, you can install third-party apps from Play Store to monitor your phone’s battery performance; just ensure that it’s compatible with your device.

How would you know if your phone is overheating?

If you’re using an app that requires more power, it feels warm; but this isn’t necessarily an indication of overheating. Listed below are some causes of overheating your phone.

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Using resource-intensive applications or games.
  • Might be due to the substance on the phone’s external case.
  • A broken charger cable/charger itself could be why your battery life drains more quickly than usual.
  • There may be an unidentified malware issue on your cell phone which makes uninstalled software or apps auto-start without your permission.

If overheating is recurring, take your device to a repair shop. It is vital to think that your phone has become extremely hot, as it could cause harmful effects.

What can you do if the phone gets heated up?

If it is heating up when you are using the internet, watching a video, or playing a game, turn off these features and see if that helps solve the problem. If you feel like this isn’t enough, try lowering the brightness of your screen because it will drain the battery faster.

If nothing works, try closing any background apps you are not using. You should also keep an eye on which apps you are downloading and ensure they do not consume too much memory or storage space.


It is not healthy for your Android’s battery to be exposed to very high or low temperatures, as it declines its performance dramatically. Thus, taking care of your phone’s battery health is crucial. Suppose you feel your phone is at a high risk of damaging your battery. In that case, you should monitor its temperature immediately and apply the above steps to keep it functioning well. Doing so would help your device run smoothly and last several years.

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