What Battery Does a Nixon Time Teller Use?

Nixon Time Teller is an excellent watch for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd. With its sleek design and multiple color options, this timepiece will make you feel confident about your style. To make the most of your special timepiece, it’s important to know what type of battery is used and how long they last. Nixon watch battery cost may be cheap or expensive depending on the brand and type. Keeping these details in mind will help you avoid an inconvenient situation with a dead watch. If you find yourself without power or are about to head out on a trip and want some peace of mind, we recommend investing in a branded product which can save your Nixon Time Teller’s battery life for up to 2 years.

Nixon Watch Battery Size Chart

Size Voltage Ampere-hours Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
N-Type 1.5 0.54 6.8 3.6
N-Type 3.0 0.54 6.8 5.4
N-Type 4.5 0.54 6.8 7.9
N-Type 6.0 0.54 6.8 10.2
N-Type 9.0 0.54 6.8 13.5
N-Type 12.0 0.54 6.8 17.3
N-Type 1.5 1.20 11.6 5.4
N-Type 3.0 1.20 11.6 7.1
N-Type 4.5 1.20 11.6 10.2
N-Type 6.0 1.20 11.6 12.7
N-Type 9.0 1.20 11.6 17.3
N-Type 12.0 1.20 11.6 21.3
N-Type 1.5 2.30 14.5 5.4
N-Type 3.0 2.30 14.5 7.1
N-Type 4.5 2.30 14.5 10.2
N-Type 6.0 2.30 14.5 12.7
N-Type 9.0 2.30 14.5 17.3
N-Type 12.0 2.30 14.5 21.3

What batteries do Nixon watches use?

Nixon Watches are one of the most iconic watch brands in history. It is a popular watch with many different features that most people will find desirable. Through a little research, you can find out what battery does a Nixon Time Teller use and how to change it if needed. The battery that a Nixon Time Teller uses is the SR626 which is a battery for watch brands. SR626 batteries are also known as silver oxide batteries, so you might want to keep your eye out for them at stores near your area. You should be able to find the Nixon Time Teller battery with just a quick search online or in stores near you. A high-quality battery is needed to power the movement of a Nixon watch. Most models from stores like Energizer, Sony or Maxwell will cost around $7.50 – $10.00 for new batteries that fit Nixon watches. Of course, there are various Nixon battery size options to choose from when looking for a watch battery. Each type of battery is designed to power specific types of watches.

Does Nixon offer battery replacement?

When Nixon watch batteries die, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible because the watch will not work correctly without it. Nixon watch battery replacement is an easy process. To replace the battery of the Nixon Time Teller, you have the option to do it yourself or get it replaced by a professional or bring it to Nixon’s service center. Your Nixon watch battery replacement cost will depend on the model of your Nixon watch. For example, replacing the battery on a Nixon Chrono will cost you around $30.

How to change the battery in a Nixon watch?

It requires removing a screw from the back of the Nixon watch and separating the cover plate from the bottom plate. You can then replace with a new battery or remove it without replacing anything if you don’t want to change your watch’s time. Other times, a soft cloth can be used to protect your hand as you twist off a side lid and take out the old battery with a pair of tweezers or needlenose pliers, insert fresh batteries in their appropriate holes, replace seals (if one is available), replace frame (if not), tighten case screws; close opening; restore position; check for watertightness after 24 hours by submerging in deep water for thirty minutes. Nixon is a company that specializes in watches and knows all the latest trends. They offer an extensive battery service for their customers to ensure they are always on time no matter where life takes them. This includes replacing your watch’s old, tired batteries with new ones, checking its gasket seal, case back re-sealing it so water cannot get inside of it anymore and performing pressure tests to make sure you can wear this thing underwater without worry. If you choose a professional for the job, make sure they are authorized by Nixon so that they can guarantee the work is completed correctly.

How long does the battery of Nixon Time Teller last?

The most common query from buyers is how long do Nixon watch batteries last. The battery that comes with the Nixon Time Teller is made from lithium which has a longer lifespan than ordinary batteries. The average battery life of the Nixon Time Teller is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. A good practice is to get your watch’s battery replaced every 6 months if you wear it daily or more often. If you are just wearing it occasionally, then replacing the battery every year would be sufficient and will help save on costs.

What happens if the watch didn’t work after replacing a new battery?

If the watch still doesn’t work after replacing the battery, then the chances are that there is something wrong with either the watch or the battery. Other reasons are physical damage to the watch, and it is also possible that there was a problem with the manufacturing. If one of these happens, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your nearest Nixon dealer or retailer for help. Do not attempt to repair your timepiece as it could be unsafe and may void your warranty.

How to change the time on a Nixon watch?

Changing the time on a Nixon watch varies depending on the model and type of watch. The easiest to adjust is the quartz model, but some models require you to remove a screw from its back and change time with your finger or use an object such as tweezers. Nixon watches are fashionable enough for any man’s taste while still being tough and durable so they can take on all sorts of challenges that life throws at them. If you ever need to change the time on a Nixon watch and you are hesitant to do it yourself, don’t worry. There are many professionals who can help you out and make the process easier for you.


The Nixon Time Teller is a timepiece that truly stands out, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style to their wardrobe. With its sleek design and multiple color options, this watch is sure to turn heads.

Of course, to get the most out of your Nixon Time Teller, it’s important to understand what kind of battery it uses and how long that battery is likely to last. Depending on the brand and type of battery you choose, Nixon watch battery cost can vary widely. By keeping these details in mind, you can avoid the inconvenience of a dead watch.

If you’re worried about running out of power while you’re out and about or if you’re planning a trip and want some extra peace of mind, we recommend investing in a branded product that can extend the battery life of your Nixon Time Teller by up to two years.

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the battery and watch details of the Nixon Time Teller. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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