How to Replace the Battery in a Toyota Prius Key Fob?

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Batteries are a part of everyday lives. They power everything from lights in your house to the computer you’re reading this on right now.

When it comes to keyless entry and ignition systems, batteries also play a crucial role. The battery inside your car’s key fob is designed specifically for that vehicle. It will eventually need replacement when it has reached its end of life cycle or if the battery becomes defective for any reason.

This article will teach you step-by-step instructions on how to replace the battery in your Toyota Prius key fob. It can be a frustrating process, but with these simple steps and some patience, it should be relatively easy.

How to change Prius key battery?

To save a ton of money on an official replacement key for your Toyota Prius key fob, you may want to consider to change the battery instead. To replace Prius key battery is cheaper than purchasing a new key fob, and you may want to try it before making a purchase.

When your key fob’s battery dies, and you are unable to use it, it may be a time for a replacement. Toyota key fob battery replacement is a fairly simple process.

The Toyota Prius key fob replacement is just what you need to get your car back on the road. This remote is compatible with all Prius models and will work with your car’s existing keyless entry system. Just follow the simple instructions that come with the fob, and you’ll be able to use it in no time.

How to open Prius key fob?

Step 1: It is important to have the right tool before you start.

You will need a small screwdriver or nail file to open the back of a 2nd gen (2004-2009) key fob. This key fob will require a standard

The 3rd gen (2010-2015) and 4th gen (2016-current) key fob versions have a keyring on the edge. To remove the mechanical key, press on PUSH button. This will uncover a slot and shallow slot. Place the mechanical key in a thin slot and twist. Use one end of the mechanical key to pop the old battery out.

Step 2: Open the back of the key fob as suggested in step 1, and then remove the old battery and change it with the new one.

Step 3: Finally, close up the back of the key fob and give it a test run to see if it works.

How long does a Toyota Prius key fob battery last?

The battery on the Toyota Prius key fob will usually last around three to four years before it requires replacement. Replacing the battery can save you frustrations and money, as the process is fairly straightforward.

How can I tell when my Toyota Prius Key Fob’s battery is dying?

When you have problems with your keyless entry not working properly or locking/unlocking doors intermittently, the chances are that it’s time to change the battery in a Toyota key fob.

The first sign that your key fob’s battery is dying will be if it doesn’t work when you try to press the lock or unlock button. This can happen gradually and may take a while before you notice any significant issues with its functionality.

The second sign is due to over-clicking. A key fob that unlocks doors with a touch of one button should be functional.

And the last one, if you have a key fob with inconsistent results, it is possible that your car may not lock when locking from farther away than normal.


If you’ve recently purchased a new Toyota Prius, it’s likely that your key fob battery is starting to die. Luckily, replacing the battery in your key fob is easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes of time.

If your Toyota key fob’s battery dies and you can’t use it anymore, replacing the old one is a simple process. When buying a new battery for your Toyota Prius Key Fob, make sure to purchase one that is compatible with yours. Once you have purchased the replacement, open up the back of your key fob using a small screwdriver or nail file or as suggested above. Change the defective battery with a new one, then close up your key fob and see if it works correctly.

If you are not sure of what to do, consider taking your key fob to a local Toyota dealership for assistance. You can also try asking other drivers in the area if they have any experience with replacing batteries in Prius Key Fobs, which may help you out as well.

We hope this article served as a guide and you now know how to replace the battery in your Toyota Prius key fob.

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