How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Battery in a Movado Watch?

Movado watches are known for their well-designed and high-quality craftsmanship. They have a wide variety of styles and are known for their elegance. Over time the battery in the watch will run down and need to be replaced. Despite its high price, people who own them do not mind paying extra money for a new battery when their watch runs out of battery.

How much is a battery for a Movado watch?

Due to the high-end standard of luxurious watches that Movado company produces, the watch’s battery cost ranges from $50 to $100. However, if you visit any watch independent repair shops, they will only charge you $20 to replace your Movado battery.

Movado watches use standard watch batteries, which you can find at a hardware store or supermarket. And most of the timepieces have press-on or screw-off backs that you can open and close yourself with your hands without any tools required at some point.

Can I replace the battery of a Movado watch myself?

If you ever need a Movado battery replacement, then yes, you can replace it yourself. Movado’s watches have press-on or screw-off backs that you can open and close yourself with your hands without any tools required; be careful as the process might scratch or damage the case and sometimes even cause physical harm.

However, there are special tools that can help in removing press-on backs without damage, including screws that require specialty screwdrivers. If possible, try using a rubber ball first to pop it open before resorting to other methods, then replace the new battery in the watch and seal it securely. The Movado battery replacement cost is less than sending it to a technician.

Are the Movado watches water-resistant?

All Movado watches have passed and met the international standards and requirements for water resistance. This means that the watch can withstand water but not immersion unless the watch has a label that says diver’s watch. It’s a common misconception; even though it might be able to take in some moisture, you should still remove your Movado watch if you are engaging in any other activity involving large amounts of water, such as diving.

If you ever opt to replace the battery in a Movado watch, remember that removing the back cover may damage water resistance. If you genuinely adore the timepiece and want to keep it watertight, take it to a Movado dealer for maintenance. It will cost around $100, ensuring a superior job over your watch.


Movado watches are well-known for their fashionable appeal. However, its battery will lose charge over time. Thus, it needs to be replaced. If you prefer changing the battery yourself, you will need to ensure that the battery you will use is of high quality. Quality batteries are essential because they help the watch work better and last longer.

You can also let the professionals handle the battery replacement for you. Replacing a Movado watch battery from an authorized watch shop can be costly depending on where you go and whose services you use, but it’s worth it because it is the best way to guarantee a quality replacement.

Additionally, if you’d like your Movado watches to keep running smoothly, replacing them at least every three or four years would suffice, but it depends if it starts soon to run down.

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