Watch Battery Cross Reference Chart: An Essential Guide for Replacements

Comprehensive Guide to Watch Battery Equivalents

When selecting a watch battery, a detailed reference sheet can ensure you make an informed decision. Personally, I find that an assortment of sizes from the Swiss manufacturer Renata proves to be a smart option due to their reliability and consistent performance.

It’s common to encounter an overwhelming variety of names for watch batteries, which can make purchasing the correct one quite perplexing. Below, I’ve crafted a reference that juxtaposes common battery dimensions with their equivalent designations across different standards and watch brands.

Selecting a battery of Swiss origin, such as those produced by Renata, can yield better results in terms of accurate sizing and lasting capacity. These premium batteries are manufactured by the Swatch Group and are well worth their value compared to less expensive alternatives.

Here’s a curated list of battery sizes utilized by prominent watch brands, organized by physical dimensions. All standard compact watch batteries are rated at 1.55 volts and are prefixed with “SR” according to IEC guidelines; where “SW” signifies low-drain and “W” signifies high-drain capabilities.

Diameter Height IEC SR US Renata Citizen Seiko Timex
5.8mm 2.15mm SR521SW 379 50 280-59 SB-AC/DC JA
6.8mm 2.15mm SR621SW 364 31 280-34 SB-AG/DG T
7.9mm 1.65mm SR716SW 315 315 280-56 SB-AT HA
7.9mm 2.10mm SR721SW 361 19 280-29 SB-AK/DK S
9.5mm 1.65mm SR916SW 372 41 280-45 SB-AJ/DJ WA
9.5mm 3.60mm SR936SW 394 27 280-17 SB-A4
11.6mm 2.05mm SR1120SW 391 34 280-30 SB-BS/LS L

Note: All popular SR series are silver-oxide batteries, renowned for their longer lifespan compared to alkaline equivalents.

To give you an idea of the naming conventions, consider the SR626SW – its numbers indicate the dimensions, resulting in a diameter of 6.80mm and height of 2.60mm. Conversely, the SR621SW, almost identical, stands a bit flatter at 2.15mm height. These measurements align with the standards set by Japanese firms like Maxell and Sony.

In the United States, battery nomenclature typically comprises a series of three numbers – such as the 379 for SR521SW – commonly adhered to by domestic brands including Duracell and Energizer, as well as watchmakers like Timex.

Users should be aware that certain older battery models originally used mercury in their construction, indicated by an “MR” prefix. However, the modern and recommended alternatives are silver-oxide batteries with “SR” markings, as they are more environmentally friendly and have longer life spans.

By using this table and understanding the different naming systems, you can navigate the intricate world of watch batteries with confidence, procuring the precise battery needed for your timepiece.

Common Watch Battery Queries

SR626SW Battery Alternatives

The SR626SW refers to a specific battery size, commonly used in watches. The equivalent for this battery is often labeled as 377, which can be found in various brands and may offer similar performance for watches and small devices.

Identifying Suitable Battery Size for Watches

To identify the appropriate battery size for your watch:

  • Check the existing battery: The current battery type is often printed on the battery itself.
  • Consult the watch manual: The manual should list the battery size and type.
  • Visit a jeweler or watch repair shop: Professionals can provide the correct battery based on the watch model.

Substitute for a 321 Watch Battery

For watches that require a 321 battery, a suitable substitute is the SR616SW. This battery provides a similar voltage and size which can be used interchangeably in devices that require a 321.

Interchangeability of 364 and 377 Watch Batteries

When it comes to 364 and 377 watch batteries:

  • These batteries are not interchangeable.
  • The 364 battery typically has a lower capacity and a different size compared to the 377.
  • Always use the battery size recommended by the watch manufacturer.

379 Watch Battery Alternative

In the event that a 379 battery is needed, the SR521SW serves as a potential alternative. This battery shares similar characteristics with the 379, making it a viable option for certain watch models.

Determining Equivalent Watch Batteries

To discern which batteries are equivalent for watch replacements:

  • Compare battery codes: Look up the battery code from your watch and find matches in cross-reference charts.
  • Measure the physical size: Match the diameter and height to ensure the replacement fits properly.
  • Check the voltage: Ensure the new battery has the same voltage to avoid damaging the watch.

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