What Kind Of Battery Does A Movado Watch Take?

If you are reading this article, then it’s likely that you also wonder which battery is suitable for Movado watch. If you are looking for a battery to power your famous watch, there are several factors that you need to consider. But don’t worry, as this post will guide and help you find the perfect battery for your Movado timepiece.

Movado Battery Chart

Model Battery Type Battery Capacity (mAh) Charging Time (Hours)
Movado Connect Lithium-ion 280 mAh 1 hour
Movado Motion Lithium-ion 280 mAh 1.5 hours
Movado Edge Lithium-ion 280 mAh 2 hours
Movado Bold Lithium-ion 220 mAh 1.5 hours
Movado Junior Lithium-ion 220 mAh 1.5 hours
Movado Elegant Lithium-ion 220 mAh 1.5 hours

Movado battery replacement: Which battery is suitable for your watch?

Movado is one of the most popular watch brands in the world. They are renowned for their sleek, sophisticated design and innovative technology. However, with all these fantastic features comes a hefty price tag. To make sure you get your money’s worth out of this investment, it is important to know which battery type will keep Movado watches running smoothly for years to come, more than just a few months or even days.

In finding a suitable battery for your Movado timepiece, there are things you need to consider. The Movado watch battery size is one consideration because it needs to fit in the watch. Battery life is another factor that must be taken into account when selecting an appropriate battery.

The most significant factor to consider is the type of battery. A 1.55 volt silver oxide battery for Movado watch will last anywhere from 18 to 36 months on average under typical usage.

If unsure of which battery type your Movado watch requires, stop by an authorized Movado service center. They will be able to give you the information that you need. This way, your watch will be protected, and you can rest assured knowing that it will be running smoothly for years.

What are the benefits of using an original Movado watch battery?

There are many benefits to purchasing an original Movado watch battery. The first benefit is the quality of the battery. Original Movado watch batteries offer a long life span and will not overheat, which means that you can use them in various climates without worry. Furthermore, they last for a very long time, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your battery when it dies.

The Movado watch is equipped with a unique feature that will tell you when it needs a new battery. And when it does, the battery in your watch must be changed by an authorized service center. The technician will uninstall the battery and dispose of it or recycle it in accordance with local regulations. Do not attempt to change the battery in your Movado watch yourself, as this is not recommended.

What are the tips to best take care of your Movado watch and its battery?

Don’t expose your Movado watch to extreme or hot temperatures. If you can, avoid wearing it when you’re engaged in any type of physical activity, such as sports training. Remember to keep your Movado watch away from water, excessive humidity, and other things that may cause damage.

Wearing your watch often will prevent it from getting worn out quickly. Avoid exposing your watch to chemicals, such as detergent, which may damage its surface. Don’t forget to clean the band of your Movado watch regularly. If the tarnish is present, use a cloth to wipe it off or use a toothbrush to brush off the tarnish gently.

If your Movado has a leather watch band, avoid exposing your Movado watch to water. If ever the leather gets wet, let it dry first before putting it on again. It’s also advisable to store metal watches in a breathable box or bag and keep them away from humidity as well.

Never forget to replace the battery of your Movado watch when it’s too weak. If you’re not sure if it needs a battery replacement, take the watch to an expert who can tell you about its condition and whether or not it needs one. Ignoring and leaving a dead battery in your Movado watch may cause further damage or problems with its performance.

Never try to open the watch yourself or take it apart, especially if you’re not an expert in this field. Doing so may cause irreparable damages to your Movado watch. Always have a professional do this for you and avoid doing things by force with your Movado watch.

And finally, remember to take your watch for check-ups every few months or so. This will ensure that it stays in perfect condition. Keep these valuable tips in mind so that you’ll be able to maintain your Movado watch for long.

How To Change Battery On Movado Watch?

Movado watches are powered by an Energa 4003 quartz movement. There’s a watch back on the bottom stem of the watch which you can pop off with a screwdriver, as well as 3 screws on either side of this movement. Once you remove those screws then it will give you access to where the battery must be replaced.

In conclusion, your Movado watch is considered to be one of the finest timepieces in the world, but they require a battery that is specifically designed for them. If you would like your watch to continue running smoothly and accurately, it’s essential that you send it to the authorized service center for proper servicing.

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