How to change the battery in a Michael Kors watch?

The Michael Kors watch is one of the most popular luxury watches on the market. The battery in this model needs to be replaced every three years, which can sometimes lead people into thinking that it will be difficult or expensive to change a battery. This blog post will show you how easy and inexpensive it can be to replace a battery in a Michael Kors watch.

How to replace Michael Kors watch battery?

Wristwatches are part of our everyday lives, but they can also be expensive purchases. When your Michael Kors watch not working or you notice it slowing down, don’t panic! You may just need to change the battery in order for your watch to continue working properly.

Michael Kors watch battery replacement is easy. To start with, keep in mind that not all watches are created equally when it comes to changing the battery. Before purchasing a new one, it is best to find out whether you need to send your watch in for service or if it can be replaced with the Michael Kors watch battery replacement tool and processes.

Once you have determined that you are able to change the battery yourself, then carefully follow the procedure below:

Step 1: Remove the back cover of your Michael Kors watch using a pry tool. Place the pry tool under the cover and pop it off gently.

Step 2: Take out the little plastic piece on top of the watch’s engine compartment to expose the battery.

Step 3: Remove the old battery by popping it out with the help of a small pointed prying tool. Do this with care, as you don’t want to damage the rest of the watch’s engine.

Remember that batteries are extremely volatile and must be handled carefully at all times. Remember not to pull too hard on any part of your Michael Kors’ watch when attempting to change its battery. Doing so can cause damage to internal components.

Step 4: Place in the new battery. It is vital that you got the right Michael Kors watch battery size. Make sure that it is secure and return the plastic covering on top of your watch’s engine compartment.

Step 5: Finally, return the watch cover by pushing it back in place. Make sure that it is well sealed. Test out your Michael Kors watch to make sure that all functions are working properly.

If you are not comfortable replacing the battery yourself and are afraid that you might damage the watch in the process, it is best to take your Michael Kors watch directly to a jeweler or other service center. You can access it online to know where to get Michael Kors watch battery replaced.

How to open Michael Kors watch to change battery without tools?

Opening a Michael Kors watch will depend on the type of watch you have. Some watches will have a screw-down crown, while others may have a snap-off back.

If your watch has a screw-down crown, you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver in order to remove the screws. After the screws are removed, you should be able to gently pull the crown away from the watch.

If your watch has a snap-off back, you will need to use a small flathead screwdriver to gently pry the back off of the watch. Once the back is removed, you should be able to see the battery and replace it as needed.

How to maintain your Michael Kors Watch?

Michael Kors watch battery change is necessary. Maintaining your watch is important, as it will help to keep the quality and look. Here are some suggested ways to care for your watch:

  • Wipe the face of your Michael Kors timepiece with a soft cloth after wearing it, especially if it has been in contact with water.
  • Remove dirt or smudges with a cloth dampened in warm, sudsy water that contains mild soap.
  • The inside of your Michael Kors watch is very delicate, and it might be damaged if you do not take off the timepiece before any intense physical activities. It’s best to remove any worries that come with wearing one by taking proper care, like removing gently so as not to hurt or scratch anything on either side.
  • If you’re wearing a Michael Kors watch and it comes into contact with salt or chlorinated water, wash it off right away. Cleaning your timepiece on a regular basis will help prevent corrosion damage to the internal mechanism, which may never be repaired.

What battery does Michael Kors watch use?

Michael Kors Watches are powered by either 395 or 371 silver oxide batteries at 1.5 volts. On average, the button watch battery will last around 2 years, but the battery life will depend on how much the watch is worn and how it was taken care of.

When replacing the battery of your Michael Kors watch, be sure to check the battery size found at the back of the battery for the details and codes. Ensuring the use of recommended battery will help maintain your watch in good working condition.

If you are not sure of which type of battery your watch uses, you can always bring your watch to a jeweler, and they will be able to help.

You may also consider purchasing an extra battery for future needs as that ensures that you won’t have any issues with the timepiece.


The battery in a Michael Kors watch is the most important part of maintaining it. It may need to be changed from time to time depending on how often you wear your Michael Kors Watch and if it has been exposed to water or dust since its last replacement. A lot can affect how long a battery will work, so knowing what type of battery your MK watch takes as well as when the last change was made will help make decisions about changing them again. We hope this article helped answer any lingering questions you had about batteries for your new favorite accessory.

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