How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Watch Battery?

When you think about it, your watch is one of the only items that you wear on a regular basis, and that never leaves your side. It’s important to take care of this investment by learning how to change the battery in your timepiece. Not only will it help ensure that you receive accurate times for all activities, but it will also save money if you learn how to do this yourself rather than paying someone else to do it.

How much should replacing a watch battery cost? That is the question that many people would ask themselves when their timepiece stops working. Fortunately, the answer is not expensive, and you can do it yourself! This article will go over some things you need to know about watch batteries so that worrying about replacing the battery in your watch will be a thing of the past.

How much does it cost to replace a watch battery?

The cost of watch battery replacement may vary depending on the type of battery you are using and where you will send your watch for battery replacement. The cost of watch batteries ranges from $1.00 to $12 each, but it is important to note that not all batteries cost the same or have equal amounts of longevity, so be sure to compare prices and shop around before jumping at a deal you may regret later when your new battery dies quickly after installation.

Some people wondered, are all watch batteries the same? The answer is no, and most are not. Different watch batteries serve different purposes and have different features. To some shops, the cost of battery replacement will depend on what type of watch you have. If your watch is a complicated chronograph, it can cost you way up to $95 because of the need for special tools and technical expertise that may be needed.

If you have a waterproof watch and it’s not sealed, the battery would be replaced for about $10.

Water-resistant timepieces, like those with silicone gaskets, require more servicing because the watches must be resealed, gaskets changed, and each timepiece is pressure-tested on state-of-the-art equipment to assure a good seal in the future. Service costs for this type of work may vary from around $40-$60.

If replacing by yourself, most batteries will only set you back about $0.50 or less, so it may be worth doing yourself instead of paying for repairs that don’t even require special tools.

Do note that these prices are approximate averages only and should not replace an estimate from your local jeweler on replacing a battery in your specific timepiece. There will be different factors that can contribute to the cost of watch battery replacement, which is why you should always check with a professional and get an estimate before having your watch repaired.

What happens if I didn’t change the battery in time?

If you didn’t change your watch battery when it needed to be replaced, the watch might not function at all. Watch batteries are meant to be used for more than a few months. If you don’t replace the battery and it dies, your watch will stop running. It’s important to replace a dead battery because it’s the power source for your watch.

Does a waterproof watch protect its engine, including the battery?

A waterproof watch is a type of watch that is designed to be water-resistant. This means that it should be able to sustain minimal exposure to rain, spills, and other light liquid damage. This protection doesn’t extend from the watch’s outer casing, as this has been specifically made with a sealant which means it’s less likely to become damaged.

Your watch should be moisture tested every time it is opened to ensure that the manufacturer’s standards listed on your watch are maintained. Moisture in a watch can cause damage and unnecessary repairs, just like water in a gas tank, so you must seal against all forms of moisture. This not only protects the watch from water damage but it also shields it from moisture in the air.


When you buy a watch, you should also purchase a warranty. It’s possible that the manufacturer will provide one, but you may want to shop around to see if another company provides a better warranty for the same price. This way, you can use your warranty when the battery dies and have it fixed or replaced.

To prolong your battery life, don’t expose it to extreme temperature changes, such as leaving it in the extreme cold or hot part of your home. You should also remove the band before washing your hands and then dry with compressed air afterward. This simple trick can help your watch last a long time.

Watch batteries can last anywhere from a couple of years to several decades, but it all depends on the quality of your watch. If you’re looking for something that is long-lasting and durable, then you might want to spend more money in order to find a high-quality battery that lasts longer than those less expensive alternatives.

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