Why Is My Android Phone’s Battery Not Charging?

How frustrating is it when your phone’s battery dies, and you can’t charge it? If you find that your Android phone’s battery is not charging, the problem might be with a few different things.

There are easy ways to fix these problems. Whether you need to clean the charging port or replace the battery, we’ve got some quick fixes for your device. Check out our article to find out the reason why your android phone won t charge and how to fix the issue.

Why is my phone battery not charging?

We rely on these batteries to give us power, but they can sometimes malfunction. One such malfunction is when your phone doesn’t charge at all. Let’s take a peak at what might be causing this problem with your Android phone and how you can fix it.

Here are the very common reasons why your phone battery is not charging.

1) You have a faulty charger.

A faulty battery can also be the cause of your phone not charging. It can cause damage to your Android’s battery in time as well. If this does happen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service or the seller of your phone for help.

If your phone is not being charged by the regular charger, you may need to try using a different one. Plugging it into a power source and seeing if it charges will help get to the bottom of this issue.

2) You have a dead battery.

We know how difficult to get up and go when your battery is dead. You have probably attempted to recharge the battery, but it is not working. You may have a problem with the battery itself in this case.

If your battery is dead, it means that it can’t be fixed anymore. The remaining way to fix this is to replace the battery. When looking for a replacement battery, make sure the input and output voltages are the same as your original battery. You may need a new battery if you find that you are constantly plugging in your phone to charge.

If this does happen to you often, we recommend replacing your battery as soon as possible. It will help get rid of these problems once and for all, and your battery should work as intended.

3) The USB cable is faulty.

A faulty USB cable may be the cause of your phone not charging at all. If this is the case, you need to try a different cable and see if it charges properly. If not, contact customer service or the seller of your device for help with your issue.

4) Defective charging port.

If you have a defective charging port, it is possible that your phone won’t charge at all. This may be because the port has been damaged. Most people will get this fixed by sending their phones away for repair. Some people will try to fix this themselves with a bit of work and a charger, and some will need to go out and buy a new phone.

How to find the exact cause why my Android phone is not charging?

Step 1: Download Ampere – Android Apps on Google Play from the app store as this will be used in every step.

Step 2: Connect your Android phone to a charger and observe the reading in the Ampere app. You’ll find your charger’s specifications – 1A, 5V.

Step 3: The Ampere reading should get 800-900 mA if your charger specification is 1A.

Step 4: If your battery is not charging despite the increase in mA reading with a different charger, it’s most likely dead. You need to replace your battery if it is not charging.

Step 5: If you are only seeing less than 800-900mA, be sure to test with another charger of the same specs. And if you’re still not getting 800mA on other chargers, it’s time to get your charger port replaced.

Step 6: However, if you are getting 800-900mA on another charger, then the problem is with your charger itself.

If your charger’s USB cable is detachable, you can also try these steps to see if the USB cable also requires to be replaced or if it could be a problem with the charger.

My Android phone is charging, but it is decreasing instead of increasing?

The phone battery is decreasing while charging because sometimes it is due to a power supply that does not provide sufficient amperage to charge your device. This means that your device is not being charged as fast.

In some cases, it is also due to an overflow in power consumption from other apps or functions on your device, which might be causing a continuous drain of power even when you are plugged in and charging.


The issue of why my Android phone battery is not charging can be a complex problem to figure out, but it’s essential that you do so as soon as possible. If your device won’t turn on or charge when connected to the charger, then there may actually be an issue with the battery itself, and you’ll need to replace it. You will want to make sure that all software updates are installed because these could affect how well your smartphone charges through different ports. Lastly, before giving up entirely on figuring out why my Android phone battery is not charging, try contacting the seller of your device for more help troubleshooting the issue.

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