How Do You Get a TE Battery Case Open to Install the Batteries?

When you get a new phone, you first want to figure out how to use it. But what if your battery dies? That’s when it’s time for a TE battery case. If you have one of these cases and need some help installing the batteries, here are some simple steps to make it easy.

What Is a TE Battery Case?

A TE battery case is a protective shell that also has internal batteries for your phone. It attaches to the back of your device. It makes it so you don’t have to worry about running out of power again, as long as you have some replacement batteries on hand. These cases come in two pieces, the rubber shell and a backing plate with an attached USB cord so that it can be recharged when necessary. The rubber shell usually has a slight indentation so that you can slip the backing plate out. Still, many people have trouble getting it open.

Why Do You Need One?

If you’re a heavy user of your phone, then over time, it will use up the battery life. When that happens, it’s not possible to keep using your phone until you find an outlet and recharge those batteries again, so you need something better. A TE battery case gives you more power so that when this situation occurs, you can keep going. Additionally, you can use your phone much longer when you’re not looking for chargers or outlets to plug into.

How Do You Open a Te Battery Case?

The case is a little tricky to open, but not impossible if you have the right tools and know-how it should look when opened up. Some models have two tabs on either side of the battery area that need to be pulled apart to have room for the batteries to be inserted.

The other design has a door that opens up. Then you can push the batteries into place, making sure to line them up with the contacts inside before closing it back up again. To make sure this is done correctly, refer to your step-by-step instructions below.

Steps To Open Your Case Up And Install The Batteries Inside

The steps are easy, even if you’re not familiar with the insides of a phone.

  • Take off the back cover from the phone case: First, you want to remove the back cover from your phone case. A lot of these cases come with a screwdriver for this part of the process, but if not, make sure that you have something sturdy and long enough to give some leverage on removing it.
  • Remove any screws on the bottom of the phone case with a Phillips screwdriver:  Once you remove the back cover, there should be some screws on the bottom of your phone case. Remove these with a Phillips screwdriver and put them in a safe place to avoid losing them.
  • Unscrew in order from left to right, then remove each screw that is holding down each component of your battery pack: Once you have removed all of the screws, it is time to unscrew in order from left to right. Keep track of each screw so that it can be reattached after your phone case has been installed correctly. Remove them and place them aside as well.
  • Carefully pop out your batteries from their respective compartments: When you are ready to pop out your batteries, make sure that they are not touching anything metal. If they contact the screwdriver or another piece of metal, it can cause a short circuit and damage both yourself and your phone case.
  • Locate where each battery is supposed to go inside the phone case: When you have located each battery, make sure that they are going in the proper order. The instructions should be printed on the inside of the case so it will tell you where to place them and which piece comes first or second.
  • Find out what kind of batteries your TE battery case requires: It is essential that you know what kind of batteries are needed for use in your phone case. Some cases require particular kinds of shapes so as not to overheat the internal components. At the same time, other models have been made with standard AA and AAA size batteries.
  • Install your new batteries: Then install your new batteries by following steps one through four backward. Make sure that all screws are secure and that the back cover is on tight.

What If the Batteries Are Dead?

If you have regular batteries that are dead or rechargeable ones that just won’t work, then there is another option. You can use AAA battery converters to get your case working without buying new batteries all of the time. These adapters slide into place over two existing contacts inside and hold AAA size batteries so that they can be recharged. Furthermore, you can pick up battery converters for your phone case that will allow you to use standard AA batteries inside of it.


The TE battery case is a great tool for people who want to protect their phone and charge it at the same time. The TE battery case is an innovative new device that allows easily installing new batteries in your phone. With the right tools, you can open up the TE battery case and install batteries. It has been proven that having an extra set of batteries in your phone can save you from being stranded with a dead smartphone when traveling or going out on the town. We hope this article has been helpful in giving you the knowledge of how to do so.

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