How to Replace the Battery in a 2014-2015 Ford Fusion Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

If your Ford Fusion key battery is not working, then you may have a battery problem. Changing the 2014 Ford Fusion key fob battery is not difficult to do, and it will save you your hard-earned money on having to replace the whole key fob. To find out how then read this blog post!

How to change battery in Ford Fusion key fob?

The Ford Fusion is a family car that was introduced in 2004. It has been a popular model for the company, and it continues to be one of their most successful vehicles. The key fob on this vehicle can be troublesome at times because the battery needs to be changed every few years or so. But what to do when you have to change battery in ford key fob or you need a ford fusion key fob battery replacement? Here’s what you can do to replace the battery in your Ford Fusion Key Fob.

Step 1: Release the metal key by pushing the silver button on top of the key fob.

Step 2: Locate a small notch at the side of the key and insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver to pry apart the key fob gently.

Step 3: Remove the old battery by placing the screwdriver underneath the battery to pop it out. Be responsible enough in disposing of the old battery so that no one gets hurt. This type of battery should be out of reach of little children.

Step 4: Slide in the new battery in the compartment and be sure to follow the correct battery orientation. For this key fob, the side with the + sign should be showing up.

This fob uses a CR2032 3V lithium battery. This is a standard battery that can be found at any local auto parts store or even in a department store. It’s used in watches and other devices with mechanical parts because its power lasts much longer than other versions.

Step 5: Reattach the other half of the key fob back by snapping it together. Make sure that all sides are snapped back on securely.

Step 6: Put the metal key back inside of the fob by pushing it down into the compartment and test the key fob to make sure that it’s working again.

Replacing a new battery on your 2014-2015 Ford Fusion Key Fob should only take about five minutes of time or less. Be sure not to damage anything during this process and keep a spare battery for emergency situations. You never know when your key fob might require a replacement, so having it on hand is always good to do.

Why is the key fob not working after the battery replacement?

After you replace the battery in your key fob, it should work again. However, if you find that it’s not working, it’s possible that the key fob is already broken. A few ways to fix this is by replacing the battery again, making sure you did everything correctly with the installation process of the new battery.

If your vehicle is responding slowly or not receiving a signal at all from your key fob or there’s visible damage to the key fob itself, you can take it to a dealership or another car repair shop for help if this is the case. This way, you can ensure that your key fob will work to its full capacity again.

What are the reasons why the vehicle won’t detect the key fob?

There are many factors that can cause this. One of the very common issues is when the battery in your key fob does not have enough power, or it’s dead to transmit a signal to the vehicle. Make sure that you are using the right battery. You can use a voltmeter to determine the voltage of your key fob battery. If it’s below 3 volts, then you need a new battery.

The key fob may have been damaged. This can happen when you drop it off, or it gets wet.

The key fob may need to be reprogrammed. You can contact your local dealership to get help on reprogramming your key fob.


Replacing your key fob battery is a quick and easy way to keep it working for years. The one important thing to remember when changing your key fob battery is that you should be using the correct or recommended battery for your key fob for it to work properly. Replace the battery as soon as the signs of the battery dying are visible, such as when it no longer unlocks your car or doesn’t work at all. In this way, you can avoid the battery dying entirely, leaving your key fob useless.

If ever you are having trouble with your key fob after the battery replacement, and you are not sure what’s causing the error, simply bring it to your auto dealer or a service center. They will be able to further check the problem quickly for you and recommend the best solution.

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