How to Replace the Battery in a Land Rover Discovery Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

Out of the blue, your smart key fob for your Land Rover Discovery has stopped working. You may think this is a problem but don’t worry! The Land Rover key fob battery replacement is actually quite an easy process. This blog post will take and walk you through all of the steps needed for this simple process. Let’s get started!

How to replace the Land Rover key fob’s battery?

Like many other devices that are powered by batteries, the key fob also needs a battery replacement after a certain period. Sooner you will have to change battery in Land Rover Key Fob. Fortunately, the procedure of replacing batteries in the Land Rover Discovery Key Fob is not too complex and can be accomplished by anyone who has basic knowledge of handling small screwdrivers. By looking at how to replace the battery in a Land Rover key fob below, you might learn some ideas on how to do it yourself the proper way.

In order to replace the battery in a Land Rover Discovery Key Fob, you will need:

• Small Phillips flat head screwdriver.

• New battery for your Land Rover key fob with the same type as old ones.

Step 1: Locate a small black button on one side of your Land Rover key fob. Press that button and then pull out the physical emergency key. Some key fob models might have a key that slides out easily from the casing.

Step 2: You can either use the metal key or a screwdriver to pry apart the fob casing by inserting the tip of the key or a screwdriver in the slot where the key was located. Be gentle in doing this step because the fob casing is usually made of plastic which can easily break or damage if you are not careful enough.

Step 3: Splitting the key fob casing in half will expose where the battery is located. Use the tip of the small screwdriver to help you slide out the old battery from its compartment. Do not forget to dispose of the old battery properly, as this coin cell battery is considered hazardous to the environment and your health if not handled correctly.

Step 4: Grab your new battery and insert it in the battery compartment. Make sure that you follow the correct pattern for battery orientation when placing the new battery. Most batteries have a “+” and “-” sign for their polarity. For this key fob, the side where the “+” symbol should be facing up.

This key fob uses a CR2032 3V lithium battery which you can easily find in your local stores. There are great deals online on replacement batteries for your key fob on eBay or Amazon. Just remember that not all batteries are created equal, and the performance of some might be better than others, depending on their brand name.

Step 5: Once you have placed the new battery in, put the key fob casing back together by snapping all of the sides into place and then insert the key or metal emergency key into that small slot. You can now use it again to start your Land Rover Discovery.

How to keep your Land Rover Key Fob in its best shape?

One of the essential parts of maintaining the Land Rover key fob in good shape is to change the battery with a fresh one every time it has reached its expiry date. The following are some simple ways you can do to best take care of your key fob:

  • Find out the right replacement battery for your Land Rover key. The owner’s manual is your best reference for the information you need.
  • Do not leave key fobs in hot places or direct sunlight, as extreme temperatures can damage them permanently and cause battery leakage that may result in malfunctioning.
  • Keep key fobs away from liquids and water, as moisture may cause the battery to corrode or damage other parts of your Land Rover’s security system.
  • If you notice any signs of corrosion in the battery compartment, clean it first before inserting the new battery so that it will work properly with no problems or whatsoever.

How often should you replace the battery in a key fob?

In general, the battery needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, depending on how much the fob was used and where it was stored.

If you’re not sure if the battery needs replacing, look for signs of battery drain on your key fob. You may notice that it takes a longer time for the car to lock or unlock or that the key fob is not working as well as it used to.


Replacement batteries are very cheap, and it takes just minutes to change the key fob battery yourself. Replacing the old battery with a fresh new one is what you should do to save money and time, rather than going out and buying a completely new key fob. Just be sure that you are using a fresh new battery and it’s compatible with your key fob. This will ensure the best performance from your key fob.

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