How to change the battery on a Cadillac Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

The Cadillac Key Fob is a device that allows you to lock and unlock your car remotely. It also lets you start the engine without inserting the key in the ignition, making it more convenient for drivers. The battery in these devices can drain quickly because of frequent use, so this article will show you how to replace the battery in a Cadillac key fob.

How to change a battery in a Cadillac key fob?

The key fob for your Cadillac is a remote that sends frequencies to the car's keyless entry system through a battery to power the transmitter. Over time, the battery starts to lose its strength and needs to be replaced. If you have never changed the battery before, it can be difficult without knowing what to do.

There's a chance that you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by changing the battery in your car key fob before it runs out. Here's how:

Step One. Remove the emergency key from the fob by pressing the small button at the lower portion of the fob. Release the key and set it aside.

Step two: Get a small flathead screwdriver and insert its tip where the mechanical key was inserted. Pry gently the two halves of the fob apart until it separates into two pieces. If you're having trouble, use your fingers to separate them by sliding along both edges and pulling at the same time.

Step three: Once you have separated one half of the fob with its electronics, remove the old battery with the help of the flathead screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the circuit board, or you won't be able to use your key fob.

Step four: Insert the new battery and make sure that you follow the correct battery orientation.

Step five: Realign the cover case back together. Make sure that the small mechanism that releases the mechanical key fob is attached to the cover correctly. Snap off gently on both sides to make sure that they fit snugly together. You can then press the button and try your remote key fob to make sure that the new battery is working.

Remember when disposing of your old battery that it must be done safely. Don't throw the old battery in a trash can or bin at it is extremely hazardous. Look up local regulations on how to dispose of batteries for your area, and always recycle properly when possible.

What battery does a Cadillac Key Fob use?

The Cadillac Key Fob uses a CR2032 Lithium battery. This type of battery is always easy to find at stores that sell watch batteries, or you can find one from Amazon. A new battery should last you several years, but eventually, it will run out of juice and need to be replaced.

If you opt to choose a different brand of battery for your key fob, always check your car dealer's recommendations. They can give you perfect information about the exact battery you should be using.

What happens to the Cadillac key fob if you let the battery die out for a long time?

It's a disaster if your key fob dies because you won't be able to drive. On newer models of Cadillacs, you should still use the key fob even when the battery dies out already by placing the key fob on the start spot of your car that's close enough to turn the ignition on and go.

Don't let your remote fob's battery run down too low. It is best to replace the battery the first time you notice a difference in the range of your key fob or the first time it's showing trouble. If you ignore replacing it, then at some point, the battery will completely die and no longer work at all. With normal use, the battery could last years without needing replacement but having a spare on hand is always smart anyway.

If you leave your battery die out of your key fob for too long, it might not be able to connect with the car's receiver. This means that even if you have a new battery in there, it won't open or lock/unlock the doors anymore. You'll need to get this fixed by getting another receiver from a Cadillac dealer.


You can save money and time by changing the battery in your Cadillac key fob yourself. If you let the battery die out for a long time, however, you may need to take it in to a dealership or another professional service center to get it fixed or replaced, depending on their recommendation.

It is crucial that you keep with this maintenance so that you do not find yourself stuck somewhere because of some battery issues with your key fob. This is an important accessory you use daily to access your car, so it is best to check out for early signs of a low battery and take care of it as soon as possible.

If ever you are not comfortable changing the battery in your key fob because you don't want to damage any part of it, you can always ask the dealership where you bought it or another trusted mechanic to do it for you.

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