How to replace the battery of a Subaru Key Fob?

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You could be reading this article because you're having a hard time figuring out how to replace Subaru Key Fob battery. Don't worry, we won't leave you hanging. Here's the simple step-by-step tutorial on how to do it properly.

How to replace the battery of a Subaru Key Fob?

Subaru Key Fob battery replacement is easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. The replacement process is pretty simple and only requires a few basic tools. 

Follow these steps, and you can be back in your car in no time:

  • First, remove the physical key from the keyless entry by pressing the small button at the back of the key fob. Insert the flat-bladed screwdriver into one end of your key fob's slot. Twist it to separate the two sides and reveal its contents.
  • Next, remove the old battery by inserting the screwdriver underneath to pry out the battery. Slide in the new battery inside the compartment. The side of the battery with the + sign should be facing up.
  • Before closing up the two cases, you may want to check the bottom where the battery compartment is placed and make sure there's no dust or dirt left.
  • Reattach both sides of your Subaru Key Fob together and return the physical key back in. Then, test out its functions by pressing the buttons on top until you hear a beep for each one pressed. If your car responds as expected, then you have successfully replaced the battery.

What battery does a Subaru Key Fob use?

The battery inside a Subaru Key Fob is typically CR2032, which can be purchased at any local convenience store or online.

The key fob is always communicating with the vehicle and uses up a lot of battery. The key fob's battery varies depending on how you use it. The average life span is about 1 to 2 years. If yours becomes fully discharged, replace it with a new one right away. Do not wait for too long.

If your key fob still doesn't work after changing its battery, contact an expert in Subaru Key Fob Replacement to get it back to working as it should.

Can I start the Subaru with a key fob that has a dead battery?

The battery in the key fob may be dead, but you will still have access to it if you place the Subaru key fob in its proper location inside of the car.

This is achieved by placing your foot on the brake pedal while pushing and holding the key fob on the engine start button. While your foot is on the pedal, the engine will detect the chip on the key fob, and your car will start in a few seconds.

If you are not sure of this procedure, feel free to check your mechanic so he can show you how it works.

Why won't the car detect the key fob?

One primary reason the car won't detect the key fob is because the battery is dead or too weak. If this happens, you will then need to replace the battery in the key fob.

Another possible reason is because you are too far from the vehicle. Try moving closer and pressing the button on your key fob.

Inspect the physical casing of the key fob. If there is any visible damage, you may need to replace your key fob in order for it to function properly again.

Alternatively, if you still think there's something wrong with the battery or transmitter of your Subaru Key Fob, bring it into an auto parts store and have them test its functionality before buying a new one.

If you have tried the above instructions, then this may be true, and it is time to get a new keyless entry remote for your Subaru vehicle.


If your key fob battery dies and you're locked out of the car, don't panic! The emergency key found in every nifty SmartKey can still open the doors and start your car.

Replacing the battery in a Subaru Key Fob is an easy and inexpensive way to get back into your car after a lockout.

The key fob battery should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of dying to avoid malfunctions that could cause and damage in the long run. If the battery is left for too long without being changed, it could die and could require a replacement remote. That is why it's so important to be proactive and replace the battery in your key fob when needed. Subaru owners are encouraged to take good care of their key fob, so they last as long as possible without malfunctioning.

In today's world, we have become really dependent on our keys for many things, from locking up our homes to starting cars. Without these keys, life can come to a screeching halt and leave us stuck outside of our home or car.

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