What Type of Battery does an Invicta Watch Take?

The watches made and sold by Invicta are some of the most well-known in the industry. Known for producing exceptional quality and elegance, these timepieces will serve functionality galore for many years to come. This article explains the type of battery that is compatible with the model you own.

What kind of battery do you need for an Invicta watch?

The kind of battery an Invicta watch depends on the model and design of the timepiece. Some customers claim their Invicta timepiece uses an SR721SW silver oxide coin-cell battery. Others have reported that their Invicta watch uses a regular 370 / 371 battery.

To help you find out the specific battery for your watch model, here are some guides you can follow:

  • Find out the model number of your Invicta watch since each has a distinct battery type. Check Invicta’s website to see the exact type of battery you need.
  • If you live close to an Invicta authorized retailer shop, schedule a visit, and they’ll be able to tell you the exact type of battery that your watch model requires.
  • You can check the back casing of your Invicta watch as some watches often have the battery type engraved on them.
  • You can try to open (at your own risk) the back casing of your timepiece to find the model number or battery type it uses.

Invicta watch batteries: Is it safe to use a different type of battery for an Invicta watch?

Batteries are essential to any watch. Changing your watch battery to a suitable type will stand the test of time, while a bad one could render your watch completely useless. Thus, I’d highly suggest using your watch’s same battery because it’s the safest option to keep your timepiece running smoothly.

Invicta watch battery replacement: Can you change Invicta watch battery?

Yes, you can change the battery for invicta watch as long as you are familiar with the process and have the necessary equipment. Do not attempt to replace the battery if you are not familiar with the process of replacing the battery or how the various components of the process work together. In replacing, make sure to buy the exact Invicta watch battery type. However, it’s best to take your watch in for professional service at a local jeweler or Invicta retailer so they can replace it. By doing so, you will not only be protecting your watch, but you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that the procedure for replacing the battery is correct.


An Invicta watch is a beautiful timepiece used for many occasions, but knowing what type of battery it takes can make all the difference. Different types of watches take different batteries; not all Invicta watches are created equal. So, choosing the best battery keeps your watch running smoothly for many years. You could do this by looking up your watch’s model first, then checking Invicta’s website and utilizing other available resources.

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