Does Target Replace Watch Batteries?

Do you have a watch that needs a new battery? Have you been to the store looking for one but can't find one anywhere? Do you think they're always in stock at Target stores? Watch batteries aren't really something that people usually need on a day-to-day basis, so it's no surprise that most retailers don't carry them. But if your watch is giving you trouble and your battery dies suddenly, there's still hope. Find out if Target will replace your old battery with a fresh one.

Does Target replace watch batteries?

Your watch is an important piece of jewelry that serves an important function. If your watch stops ticking, it can be frustrating and expensive to have a professional repair the timepiece.

Nowadays, many people have turned to Target for their small appliances needs because of convenience and price point. Target is one of the largest department store chains and has been around for decades. They offer an extensive collection of watches that include designer brands to budget-friendly options. 

However, when it comes to watch battery replacement, Target does not offer this service anymore. You can stop by a local jeweler or watch repair shop to get the job done.

Why did Target stop replacing watch batteries?

Target is a company known not only sells everything you need to live your life but also values customer service. They were equipped with tools for 99% of watches previously on hand - so if there was ever an issue or question about any item sold at Target stores nationwide, just go ahead and ask.

Unfortunately, they stopped replacing all watch battery in-store years ago because there were feedbacks about the watches being scratched during the installation process. The continued dissatisfaction from customers alerted the store owner to potential problems with their service.

Target was forced into an unfortunate decision. They would either have to replace or repair all watches that were affected by this issue at great expense; spending money unnecessarily on their watch business is never ideal.

Where to send your watch for a quick and cheap battery replacement?

Replacing the battery in your watch is a great way to increase its life. However, the hunt for a watch battery and finding the right watch shop for battery replacement can be a bit tricky at times.

Replacing a watch battery can be difficult in some instances because it requires delicate tools to open the back without damaging the internal electronics. It is ideal to look for a reliable watch repair shop that would be able to assist with this type of project.

When looking for a watch battery, you should consider the following: accuracy, quality of work, guarantees and, finally, the costs.

Some watch shops provide additional services that might be important to you or your watch. For example, some shops offer lifetime guarantees on their work. There are also shops that will give you an estimate on how much it will cost before they begin any repair work.

The shop should be able to answer any questions without hesitating or needing to consult supervisors or other employees. The customer's time is valuable and they should not be made to feel like they are inconveniencing their staff with these simple questions.

You should trust the watch shop to properly fix your watches; it is always better for them to do a proper job than to do it quickly and poorly.

If you're looking for a shop for watch battery replacement, you can find your local JCPenney store to have a watch battery replaced. Otherwise, the best bet is visiting one of these American chains: Zale Corporation, Sterling Jewelers Incorporated, Fred Meyer Jewelers or Samuels Jewelers, These are the places to go if you need to have your watch battery changed.

How to extend the life of your watch battery?

To extend battery life of any type of watch, you can:

- Keep your watches out of extreme heat and humidity.

- Do not allow the battery to run all the way down before replacing it. This damages cells in a battery which reduces its life span.

- Avoid wearing a watch in places where it is likely to be exposed to strong magnetic fields, such as near speakers or power transformers.

- When purchasing new batteries, choose reputable brands. This way, you can be sure that your battery is of the highest quality.

- Choose a reputable store or shop that you can trust to change your watch battery. This way, the job is done correctly and your watches will function for a long time.

If you keep these simple tips in mind, it will help you to save money and extend the life of any watch easily.


No matter how carefully you take care of your watch, time will come when you will have to replace the watch battery. If your watch is still under warranty, better take it back to where you bought it and get a replacement instead of going through all the hassle yourself.

On the other hand, if your timepiece is already out of warranty period, do not panic. Many stores offer a free service but only upon proof of purchase, so keep your receipt. Some would even replace your old battery with a new one for free.

I hope this article has answered the common question of whether or not Target replaces watch batteries. Now you can shop at Target without any worries.

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