Is 98 Battery Health Good?

Your iPhone’s battery health condition typically reduces since it eventually wears out over time. But when you notice a sudden 98% charge drop on your iPhone, you might quickly get alarmed and worried. Thus, to keep you worry-free, this blog will explain the reasons behind lowering your iPhone charge rate and if you need to worry or not if its battery health diminishes. So, keep reading.

Is it bad if your battery health is 98%?

If your phone has dropped by 98 percent battery health over the past few months, there’s nothing to worry about. After 500 fully charged and discharged cycles, your iPhone battery health should still have up to 80 percent of its initial capacity. When the battery’s health percentage falls below 80 percent, your battery’s charge amount will begin to decrease.

Nonetheless, you can use a tool like Battery Life or Battery Health to monitor your battery health. You can also check the factors causing your battery to drain faster. Some of these are the following:

  • Maximum brightness level
  • Many apps running in the background
  • Wi-Fi or LTE networks connection
  • Old battery
  • Fake charger
  • Location services

How do I keep my battery healthy?

Here are a few ways to keep your battery healthy and last longer:

  • Avoid placing your phone in humid or hot environments. When the phone gets too hot, it causes the battery to drain faster.
  • Use a compatible charger with your phone. Otherwise, it could damage your device as it provides more power than others.
  • Ensure you are not using all your available storage space, which causes the battery to drain faster.
  • Avoid using your phone while it is charging. Give your phone time to cool down and charge completely before using it again.

Is 97% battery health good for iPhone?

Yes, a 97% iPhone battery health is still good, so it doesn’t need a battery replacement. However, if you’re at 97% and notice that your iPhone isn’t holding or getting slower to charge, it starts to reduce its battery life or has an internal problem, so it’s best to take it to the Apple store to diagnose the issue.

Is it OK to have 99% battery health?

It’s normal and fine to have 99% battery health. A battery starts to decline in performance once it reaches 80-85% health. If you see a decreased runtime or your device starts turning off randomly even when it’s plugged in, that could signal a battery replacement.


Knowing your iPhone dropped by 98% is normal and acceptable, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, if its battery’s health percentage falls below 80 percent, its battery starts to decrease, and you’ll notice signs of malfunctions such as sluggishness and shutting off in no time. Before it goes severe, it’s vital to manage the factors draining your battery quickly, including turning off Bluetooth, internet services, and apps in the background when not in use.

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