How Long Does a Samsung S21 Battery Last?

It can be challenging to find a good phone these days. There are so many options that it can be overwhelming when you go into the store. You need to decide what design, features, and even color you want before making a purchase.

And then there is the battery life—a topic that some people may not think of until their phone dies in between meaningful conversation or they're waiting for an important call.

But how long does a Samsung S21 battery life last? How soon do you have to replace battery? Is there anything to do to make my battery last longer? In this article, we'll take a look at common problems with batteries and how long your Samsung Galaxy S21's battery will last before needing replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

S21 5G is a new smartphone that’s powered by the Samsung Exynos 9825. It has an 8K video camera and a 64 MP front camera, providing high-resolution images with its 30x optical zoom lens. The S21 5G also comes with the latest Bixby features like Scene Recognition and Live Translation to help you capture your world in more detail than ever before.

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Samsung S21 and Its Best Features

Batteries are an important part of any device. 

Samsung is a well-known brand that makes many different devices, including phones and laptops. One popular model is the Samsung S21 which has a rechargeable battery. Some of Samsung Galaxy S21 best features are:

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is slim and stylish in design. It is a phone with an impressive 6.8-inch display and glass back panel, making it the most significant device in its new lineup and one of only two models to feature this kind of design element.

The moment Samsung revealed its latest innovation, no one could take their eyes off of it. This sharp-looking device features both a gorgeous Contour Cut style from all angles as well as metal construction with glass panels on both sides to ensure your photos never turn out blurry or distorted again, just like selfies deserve.


The Galaxy S21 comes with various camera features, including adjustable aperture and variable focus for the main lens. If you're taking photos in low-light environments or shooting videos at night, this is your phone! The MicroSD card slot also lets you store up to 512 GB of data on top of its 128 GB storage capacity.

Capturing video in the highest resolution is easy when you know where to look. Tap on the aspect ratio icon and select 8K 24, which will give your videos a crystal clear quality that lesser resolutions can't match.

The selfie camera is perfect for capturing a beautiful and flattering portrait. Tap the menu button to switch from back-to-the shooting mode, tap the heart icon at the top left to modify your photo with seven different effects. Skin smoothing can be turned on or off by tapping on the wand symbol to edit pictures after they have been taken.

Apps Management

You can also use the phone to browse the internet or check social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

With a single swipe up, you can show or hide an entire page of apps. Every time you want to return from viewing one screen in your home screens layout (left and right), all that needs doing is just swiping again upwards on the phone display.

Gaming options

The Samsung S21 also includes an app store with games, music, and other apps for you to download.

You can turn off auto-brightness during games to avoid the annoying dimming of your screen. You can do so by going into the settings menu and turning it down to zero or even blocking auto brightness in order for this not to happen again.

Notification Setting

The notification setting allows you to customize what notifications are allowed and when. This means that if someone likes your photo on Instagram or tags you in a comment, it will show up as an alert without being intrusive.

How long does the S21 battery last?

Samsung's 21 battery was well-reviewed for its long life, so heavy users report 6-7 years with proper care. Some people have said they're getting one year or two and then having to replace it.

What is the cost of replacing a Samsung S21 battery?

The cost to replace the battery of Samsung S21 varies. It can be anywhere from $80-$250 to replace, depending on where you go and which model your phone is.

If your phone is still under Samsung's warranty, you can get a replacement for free.

Some phone owners would choose to replace their smartphone's battery every year to prevent a significant drop in its life. The phone can last up to two years, but you'll notice the difference if it's replaced sooner than that. The more times you charge your device, the faster it will degrade, so keep this in mind when charging and remember not to overcharge.

What are the side effects of using an older or new battery with your phone?

Battery life can vary depending on the status of the battery. The newer it is, the longer your phone will last before needing to be charged again.

  • If you're using an old battery and it's time for a replacement, then there are some potential side effects like lower speed when opening apps or not being able to play games as well.
  • If you're using a new battery, there may be some effects like overcharging or overheating. So keep an eye out when it is time to charge your phone, and don't leave the charger plugged in if you haven't used it all day.

How to maximize your Samsung's battery life

1) Turn off features that are not used

To save battery life, Samsung users should turn off any features they aren't using. For example, despite the wide range of innovative and interesting software programs available from many different companies on the Google Play Store or App store itself. People tend to stick with a few apps that are personal favorites and time-saving tools for work purposes.

However, it is important not only to keep these essential programs open but also disable other less-used ones as well to preserve power consumption by your phone's CPU while you're away from an outlet charging station during daytime hours or when more use typically occurs, such as texting friends back after lunch break at work or checking Facebook notifications before heading home following office hours.

2) Turn on dark mode

You can also turn on dark mode to make your device's background black. It may not be as easy for you to see what is happening, but it will help conserve battery power and extend the life of your phone if used more often than average throughout the day or night with a rechargeable backup battery pack in case there are any emergencies.

3) Lower the brightness of the screen

One of the essential features in any smartphone is its display, and it's no surprise that a bright screen uses more battery than one with lower brightness.

Other people might not even be aware of how much power their phone's display consumes at all times because typically, displays use less energy when they are dimmer. One solution to this issue would be using an adaptive backlight which can change depending on what you need for your phone usage – brighter during heavy browsing sessions or darker while reading text messages or watching videos.

4) Review battery usage history

The battery consumption on your device is something you should be worried about. You can find out how much time and power each of your apps, programs, tools, or even the phone itself has been using by going into settings > Battery & Device Care then tapping "Battery." The predicted usage based on 7-day averages will come up with a percentage for what's to come in terms of performance from now until the next charge cycle.

5) Activate power-saving mode

Power saving mode is the most economical way to save your phone's battery. Simply find quick settings or head into Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery, then tap on power-saving mode.

6) Don't leave the phone unattended when charging it

It is very crucial to remember not to leave your phone unattended when charging it. The charger can overheat and damage the battery or cause a fire if you're careless with it, so make sure that once you plug in your device for charging, take preventive measures like staying near the outlet where it's plugged in at all times during the charging process.

7) Invest in an excellent spare charger

Investing in a good spare charger is also highly recommended. You never know when you'll need it, so keeping one at home and one at the office or elsewhere for emergencies can be an excellent idea to make sure that your phone will always have battery life whenever you need it most.

We all know that our phones are a part of our daily lives. It's not just for talking to people; we use them for everything from browsing the internet to checking social media and even watching movies on long flights.

Knowing the life expectancy of a battery is important so that we are ready when it's time for a new one. Every battery lasts around 300-500 cycles, which is the average number of times you can charge your phone before replacing it with a new one.

With the Samsung S21 series, it is always the best practice to keep the battery in good shape for it to perform at optimal levels. There are many ways you can increase the battery life on your device, and we suggest doing so if it's a concern for you. It is better to act as early as now if ever you spotted any problems with your phone's battery. By doing so, you'll be able to keep your phone in its best condition for a longer time and avoid the inconvenience of finding out that it's not working when you need it most.

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