How Long Does a Samsung S21 Battery Last?

Samsung Galaxy S21 features an affordable flagship, upgraded camera configuration, sleek design, and enhanced specs. It has a 4,000 mAh battery capacity and supports up to 25W fast charging. That said, users are puzzled about how long does Samsung S21 battery last. This blog will discuss the Samsung S21’s performance, features, and other functions that affect your battery’s life. We will also share some tips to make your battery life longer.

Samsung S21 and Its Best Feature

Here are some of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S21:

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is slim and stylish in design. This phone has an impressive 6.8-inch display and features a gorgeous Contour Cut style from all angles and metal construction with glass panels on both sides to ensure your photos never turn out blurry or distorted.


The Galaxy S21 has various camera features, including adjustable aperture and variable focus for the primary lens. It captures photos and videos in a high-quality resolution even if you’re taking in low-light environments or shooting videos at night. In addition, the MicroSD card slot lets you store up to 512 GB of data on top of its 128 GB storage capacity.

Apps Management

You can use this phone with a single swiping up to show or hide the entire page of apps. Every time you want to return from viewing one screen in your home screens layout, either left or right, it just needs to swipe again upwards on the phone display.

Gaming options

The Samsung S21 includes an app store with games, music, and other apps to download. You can turn off auto-brightness in the Settings menu during games to avoid the annoying dimming of your screen.

Notification Setting

The notification setting allows you to customize your notifications. If someone likes your photo on Instagram or tags you in a comment, it will appear as an alert without being intrusive.

How long does the S21 battery last?

The Samsung S21 battery life depends on how you use your phone and what apps are installed and running in the background. Nonetheless, heavy users reported that it lasts six to seven years with proper care. However, some customers said they only got one or two years out of it before they had to replace it.

What is the cost of replacing a Samsung S21 battery?

The cost of purchasing a new battery for the Samsung S21 varies based on where you live and the store from which you plan to buy batteries. But typically, the Samsung s21 battery replacement cost range from $80 to $250 on average. However, if Samsung’s warranty still covers your phone, you can avail a battery replacement for free.

Your Samsung s21 battery replacement will be carried out by a professional technician who has the necessary expertise to ensure that your phone is working properly again. The technician will also check for any other issues that may have caused the battery to fail in the first place.

What are the side effects of using an older or new battery with your phone?

If you’re using an old battery and it’s time for a replacement, it has potential side effects like a lower speed or sluggishness when opening apps or not being able to play games.

Meanwhile, some effects include overcharging or overheating if you use a new battery. So, it’s essential to keep an eye out when charging your phone, and don’t leave the charger plugged in if you haven’t used it all day.

How to maximize your Samsung’s battery life

1) Turn off features when not using.

Despite the wide range of innovative software programs available on the App store, you should turn off features that aren’t used, including location, weather updates, and other unnecessary widgets. You can also disable other less-used apps to preserve power consumption on the CPU.

2) Turn on dark mode.

It’s advisable to turn on dark mode to lessen the power lights. It helps to conserve battery power and extend your phone’s life if used more often than average throughout the day or night.

3) Lower the screen’s brightness.

The higher the phone’s display brightness, the more it consumes the battery. Thus, it is highly recommended to lower or make it dimmer enough to use less energy and extend its battery life.

4) Review the battery usage history.

You can find out how much time and power each of your apps, programs, tools, or even the phone has been using by going into settings > Battery & Device Care and then tapping “Battery.” The predicted usage based on 7-day averages will come up with a percentage until the next charge cycle.

5) Activate power-saving mode.

Power saving mode is the most economical way to save your phone’s battery. Find Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery, and tap on power-saving mode.

6) Don’t leave the phone unattended when charging it.

Leaving your phone when charging might overheat, damage the battery, or cause a fire. So, ensure that once you plug in your device for charging, take preventive measures like staying near the outlet where it’s plugged in and unplugging it once fully charged.

7) Invest in an excellent spare charger.

Investing in an excellent spare charger is highly recommended. It won’t only help you to charge your phone faster, but also you’ll have the assurance that it’s safer to use than fake ones. It is also vital that you know how long does s21 take to charge.


Knowing your Samsung S21 battery life expectancy is essential to see if it’s worth your investment. Typically, the battery lasts around 300-500 cycles, the average number of times you can charge your phone before replacing it with a new one. However, you should also consider that the battery life depends on your phone’s usage and the installed programs or applications.

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