How Much Does the Moto G4 Plus Battery Replacement Cost?

The Moto G4 Plus is a new model and best phone in its class. It has a lot to offer, and people all over the world love it. After buying this phone, one question that you might have is, “How much does the battery replacement cost?”

The Moto G4 Plus is an excellent phone, but even the best phones have their issues. One of these being battery life. If you’re looking to replace Moto G4 battery or are searching for information on how much does the Moto G4 Plus battery replacement cost, then this article will give you some helpful information and tips.

By following our guide below, we’ll show you all the important steps in order to get your phone back up and running again with a fresh new battery that won’t let you down.

We also include detailed instructions on how much the Moto G4 Plus battery replacement cost to know what to expect before getting started.

Best Features of Moto G4 Plus

The Moto G4 Plus is a new mobile phone from Motorola. It has many features that people love and that make this phone worth the purchase. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to use their phones for work and play.

Motorola’s Moto G4 Plus is their newest top-of-the-line low-budget phone. This phone is worth every penny, delivering everything you need without too many bells and whistles that either waste battery life or neglect to be rugged enough to survive in the unpredictable day-to-day.

Below are some of the many features that make the Moto G4 Plus so great.

Excellent Camera

Moto G4 Plus features a 16-megapixel camera that will take excellent photos and videos. It is the best phone for those who want to take sharper selfies. It has a wider field of view, making it great to take group shots or impressive landscape photos with lots of detail in both light and dark without losing focus.

Moto G4 Plus has an intelligent camera that will optimize its settings automatically when faced with certain conditions. This feature is also great for people who are new to taking pictures as it will help them learn how the camera works and what settings they should be used to get a good shot.


The Moto G4 Plus’s water-resistant feature has been a pillar of the product line since its third generation. It is IPX7 certified, making it water-resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes due to its nano-coating that will make for a friendly, less worrisome device to use. The waterproofing technology ensures that these devices are more durable.


The Moto G-Plus comes with 16GB, 32GB, or 64 GB of storage. It also has expandable memory for up to 128GB with the use of a microSD, so you can store all your favorite photos and videos even if the phone’s native amount is too small for what you want it to do.


This phone has a whopping four gigabytes of RAM, which will allow you to multitask more efficiently. It is also not as hard on the battery, and it can handle longer use without being slowed down by your other apps or having to switch between them constantly.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Processor

The Moto G-Plus’s Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is up to date, and it can handle some of the most demanding tasks without a noticeable delay. It does not overheat as much either, making for a safer device overall. It will not struggle with graphics of heavy games that are played on these devices either.

Fingerprint Sensor

3. It has a fingerprint sensor so that you can unlock your phone quickly and easily. This is convenient for securing your data if you happen to lose or have your phone stolen because it will make unlocking difficult without someone’s unique fingerprint – and that would be yours!

User Interface

This phone has a customizable skin that you can set up for your preferences. The Moto G4 Plus offers an interface that is not too complicated and one with the most popular features of Google’s Android OS without any bloatware. There are no extra apps or services to get in your way – just what you need for work, fun, and life.

Affordable Prices/Costs

The price of Motorola G4 Plus is budget-friendly for people who want to have good smartphones without breaking their bank account. It has many features worth the investment, such as its camera abilities and water resistance.

The 16GB Motorola G4 Plus has a very affordable price at $199.99. This is a perfect phone for those looking for an affordable device with all of the features they need.

Long Battery Life

The Motorola G4 Plus battery features a 3,000 mAh battery capacity, increasing from the previous model’s 2470 mAh. The increased power helps to last for most of the day without needing to plug it in before bedtime, although that may not always be possible. When you do need some extra juice after your device has been on all day long and night, worry not; just charge up overnight like many other smartphones out there today.

Battery Life (new pack)

The new moto g4 plus battery life can last anywhere from 8 hours to 18 hours. It will depend on how much your phone is being used during that time period, what apps you have in the background and how it’s been treated throughout its life (abuse will result in decreased battery performance).

Moto G4 battery replacement: How much does it cost?

Motorola’s Moto G4 Plus mobile phones have a replaceable battery, which can be replaced if necessary to keep your phone working at optimum levels and functioning as it should. The Moto G4 plus replacement battery can be anywhere from $29 to $99, depending on the battery model and where you purchase your new battery pack.

The new Motorola g4 plus battery price might be worth paying if you can’t afford one right now. If your battery is aging and you’re noticing that it can’t keep up with the demands of what you need or want, then it may be worth paying for a new one. If not, there are other things to do like turning on battery saver mode or just leaving your phone off when it’s not in use for a few hours.

Tips to extend the battery life of a Moto G4 Plus

  • Turn off potential battery-killing Wi-Fi or cellular around the clock. Instead, set it for when you know you’ll need it on. For example, in meeting rooms or at home after a long day’s work.
  • Decrease your screen brightness and resolution by using adaptive brightness with auto-optimization in settings. It is a good idea since they ensure your screen has just enough light and is lower than standard but still clear enough for gaming or catching up on things like Youtube videos.
  • Disable mobile data selectively if you don’t feel like turning it off altogether.
  • The Battery Saver mode on your smartphone will help you save battery by restricting data when it’s low. This can also be great when you’ve forgotten to charge up and are running out of juice.
  • Charge the phone the night before, so you start each day fully charged and ready to go.
  • Most people rely on cell phones for information and communication. But, if you’re in an area with little to no cellular signal, then your battery won’t last long. So make sure that airplane mode is turned ON, so it doesn’t keep trying to find a connection.
  • When you plan on not using your phone, like at night or when you’re sleeping, just turn it off.
  • Remove any apps that are not being used from your phone that may eat up a lot of battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Moto G4 Plus battery drains fast after changing a new battery?

If the Moto G4 plus is battery draining fast  there might be a number of apps running in the background, and they’re using up more power than usual. You need to make sure that these apps are either turned off or closed out. Otherwise, this will continue happening every time you change your battery.

If your new battery is not holding a charge, it could mean that it is not the suitable model or you have a defective battery that needs to be exchanged.

Can I use a Moto G4 battery with a Moto G4 Plus battery?

No, the Moto G power and the Moto G4 Plus have different batteries. Batteries are created with different connectors, and they’re not interchangeable. There will be compatibility issues if you try to swap them.

What if my battery is swollen?

If your Moto G4 Plus battery has been on the charger for too long, then it may swell up and burst out of its casing. This can be a result of malfunctioning or poor-quality replacement batteries. Remove the battery and place in a safe container, then try to find the cause of why your battery is malfunctioning. Replacing the battery is advisable at the first sign of trouble.

If your battery is swollen, you need to replace it with a new one right away. If not, this can lead to an explosion or permanent damage on the phone that could shorten its lifespan and functionality. What’s more? A replacement will also help extend the life of your Moto G power so there are no

What are the early signs of bad batteries?

The early warning signs of a bad battery are when your battery takes longer to charge or won’t hold a full charge. A swelling battery and an overheated battery are other warning signs that may need to be replaced.

Ensuring that your phone is charged and working correctly can be tricky. But, there are times when you’ll know if the time has come to replace it with a new one because you’ll see these telltale signs.

Keeping the battery in good condition is important to enjoy a longer battery life and not have your phone die.

Remember that your usage of the phone will affect your battery life. Balancing your phone use is essential to prolong your battery’s lifespan and avoid losing any precious information between charges.

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