What Does Battery Saver Mode Mean On My Dodge Charger?

by Phil Borges // in CCA

If you’re a Dodge Charger owner, then you may have noticed its significant feature, and you started asking yourself, “what does battery saver mode mean on my Dodge Charger.” If you want to find out and learn more about this topic, then keep reading to find out important details about the features of your favorite vehicle.

What does Battery Saver Mode mean on my Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger Battery Saver Mode is one of the very impressive features of this vehicle. One of the most useful and unique features for drivers is the different modes that can be activated to save power or fuel consumption when you’re driving all day long with average mileage.

Every Dodge Charger comes equipped with a battery saver mode. This is a safety feature that will help protect your car battery. When the engine isn’t running, your car’s battery saver mode can help you avoid depleting the battery when you leave the lights or accessories on or when you don’t intend to. Things go into hibernation after about 10 minutes so that they don’t stay on and waste energy as well. If your vehicle has a number of features like a rear defroster and heated mirrors, heating and air conditioning, radio, heated steering wheel, etc., these will be disabled for the duration of the battery saver mode but recoverable.

It is always best that you know how the features on your Dodge Charger work so you can best configure them. The battery saver mode is a great feature that will help save power and extend the life of your car‘s charge.

How to avoid the battery saver mode Dodge Charger message from appearing?

The battery saver mode is activated when there are specific problems with the electrical components of your vehicle. This typically happens when the battery isn’t being charged properly. The battery charge may be lost for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The electrical demands are more significant than the charging system’s capacity. It is unable to provide adequate electrical power to the vehicle system.
  • Setting all possible vehicle electrical loads, such as exterior and interior lights, overcharged power outlets, USB ports, and so on during the particular driving circumstances.
  • The vehicle was left unused for a long period of time.
  • Frequent changes of driving pace like short journeys separated by long parking times.
  • The battery had just been replaced and was not fully charged.
  • The battery got a lot of use while the engine was not running, powering everything from radios and lights to chargers for appliances like gaming consoles, vacuums, etc.

During hot weather, there’s a chance that your car’s battery will reach its maximum charge in just a few hours. This is another reason why you may occasionally receive a Battery Saver Mode alert when utilizing heavy current draw on the battery, such as in traffic jams. However, if you’re getting constant alerts while simply driving your car on average – it’s probably time for a new battery. The battery is likely the culprit if you’re getting repeated messages. Have your batteries tested and replace them as needed.

What should you do when the Battery Saver Mode is activated?

If you notice that the Dodge battery saver mode has been activated while driving, you should adjust your driving habits. The duration of time that this mode is on varies depending on how much power was drained from the battery. You can turn off some lights, adjust your temperature settings, reduce unnecessary power loads, and turn down the volume of the radio to extend battery life. You can also make adjustments while you are stopped at a traffic light or stuck in slow-moving traffic.

After the trip, you should check how much power you have left in your battery. If the Battery Saver Mode was activated for a long period of time, there’s a good chance that it will need to be recharged. Evaluate the latest driving cycles (distance, driving time, and parking time). Examine the vehicle’s equipment list to ensure that any aftermarket equipment has been added. Check for any specifications if applicable (load and Ignition Off Draw currents). If the message is still present after consecutive trips, then service should be performed on your vehicle right away. If you’re not sure if it’s something minor or an issue with the machine itself- take it in for evaluation.


Maintaining your Dodge vehicle is a big responsibility but is always rewarding in the end when you get to see your vehicle last for many years. It is always best that you get the battery checked regularly by your mechanic and maintained as per manufacturer specifications. Check other components in your car that might cause the battery saver message to appear. There are tons of features on this car that make it one of the most valuable vehicles on the market today and should be taken advantage of by everyone who owns one.

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