How to Replace the Battery in a Ford Focus 2014-2018?

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If you’re reading this post, then it’s probably that your Ford Focus has a dead battery. Whether it was the first time you tried to start up your car or simply didn’t make it out of the driveway before dying, don’t fret! It happens to even the best drivers. Luckily, changing the battery yourself will save you money and get you back on the road in no time. Continue reading to learn how to replace the battery in a Ford Focus 2014-2018.

How to replace the battery in a Ford Focus 2014-2018?

Most people know that a car battery is not something you want to be without. A car battery powers the electrical systems of your vehicle, including the starter motor and all lights on the dashboard. When a car battery dies, it can be difficult for you to start your engine or even turn on your headlights. For your Ford Focus 2014-2018 model, changing Ford Focus battery is a pretty straightforward process that can be completed in less than thirty minutes.

Before you begin, always wear some protective gear, including safety goggles and gloves. Safety should be the top priority when in ford focus battery replacement or any car battery, so make sure you are keeping yourself safe.

Step 1: You’ll need to locate where your battery is in your car. The battery is often located in the engine bay, but this can vary depending on which vehicle you have and what year it was built.

Step 2: Find where the negative battery cable is and loosen its nut. Disconnect the negative lead terminal and insulate it or wrap it with electrical tape to avoid accidental reconnection.

Step 3: Remove the mass airflow wiring connector and unplug the wiring loom.

Step 4: Disconnect the vacuum hose from the side of the airflow outlet, loosen the hose retaining clamp and remove the outlet hose.

Step 5: Release the pipe retainer tab and remove the rubber strap. Grasp and lift up the air cleaner box and set it aside.

Step 6: Lift up the front cover panel of the battery and slide it forward.

Step 7: Loosen the clamp nut of the positive lead and detach the terminal and make sure that it’s placed away from the battery.

Step 8: Unclip the wiring plug and the wiring loom at the front of the battery so you can open the front panel of the battery tray.

Step 9: Remove the retaining bracket on top of the battery by loosening its nuts, slide the battery a bit forward and detach the wiring sensory plug.

Step 10: You may disconnect the negative lead terminal from the old battery if required. Then refit the negative lead terminal to the new battery and make sure you tighten the nut up well. You can apply a little amount of petroleum jelly to insulate the negative terminal to help prevent corrosion.

Step 11: Now, you can refit your car battery back into place, reconnect the sensor wiring that was disconnected just a while ago and push the battery all the way back to its tray.

Step 12: Secure the battery by reattaching the retaining bracket, and don’t forget to retighten the nuts.

Step 13: Reattach the front panel of the battery tray, clip the wiring loom back in its place and reconnect the wiring plug.

Step 14: Replace the positive lead down to the positive terminal and tighten the nut securely. You can also apply a little amount of petroleum jelly on the positive terminal to avoid corrosion and return the battery cover.

Step 15: Replace the air cleaner housing in its place, then reattach the rubber strap to secure the air intake hose.

Step 16: Attach the pipe to the bracket and reconnect the sensor plug. Refit the hose back to the air outlet and retighten the retaining clamp to secure it in place.

Step 17: Remove the cover on the negative lead and reattach it to the negative terminal by tightening the nut up.

And there you have it! You’ve just replaced the battery in your Ford Focus.

How long does the battery in a Ford Focus last?

The battery in a Ford Focus lasts around four years, but this can vary depending on different factors like driving habits, weather conditions, the brand of the battery, etc.

You can extend the life of the battery by ensuring that the battery is properly maintained, e.g., by regularly checking the terminals and cables for corrosion and dirt, replacing the battery in time if needed, etc.

How would you know if your Ford Focus needs a new battery?

Some signs that your Ford Focus needs a new battery are:

  • When you turn on the ignition, and it won’t start.
  • Your dashboard warning lights up with alerts.
  • The headlights and interior lights dim when you turn on the car.
  • The engine is turning over but not starting.
  • Your car has an old battery that wasn’t changed for a long time.


I hope that this article was able to give you all the information necessary for replacing your Ford Focus 2014-2018’s battery. To keep your car battery stays in top shape, you should have it inspected and checked on regulary to ensure that it is still in good condition and it will perform well.

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