How to Replace the Battery in a Dodge Journey Key Fob?

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It’s true that car key fobs are expensive, but it’s also true that they’re not made to last forever. After a few years of use, the battery inside your Dodge Journey key fob will likely need replacing. Luckily, there is a simple way on how to replace battery in key fob Dodge Journey without any hassle. And best of all? You can do this replacement yourself. Keep reading, and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

How to change battery in Dodge Journey key fob?

The Dodge Journey is a very popular vehicle that comes with keyless entry. The key fob is an amazing accessory that makes it very simple to lock and unlock your car without having to reach into your pocket. If the remote stops working properly or won’t work at all, changing the dodge journey key fob battery
might be what you need to fix it.

The Dodge Journey key fob battery replacement process for the keyless entry remote is very simple and should only take around five minutes or less. To start with, you will need a flat head screwdriver and a new battery for your key fob. Once you have these two items follow the step-by-step procedure below:

2011-2021 Key Fob Models:

Step One: Flip the key fob over and locate a silver switch at the back. Once you have located the switch, press it down and then release the physical key from the key fob.

Step Two: Once you have removed the physical key, you will see a small lot or a little indentation opposite to the keyhole. Grab your flat head screwdriver and insert its tip in that small slot, and carefully twist the screwdriver to pry the back cover of the key fob. Gently separate the two halves of the device to expose the battery compartment.

Step Three: Use the flat head screwdriver or your fingernail to remove the old battery from its compartment. You may take note of how this battery was placed, as it will be important later on to ensure you insert your new battery correctly.

Step Four: Before placing the new battery, you may want to check if the compartment is clean and dry. If it’s free from moisture or dirt, slide in a new battery and make sure that side with the positive sign is facing down towards the key fob’s circuit board.

This key fob uses a CR2032 3V Lithium coin cell type battery which you can find easily at any hardware store that sells batteries. You can also find great deals from Amazon and order them online.

Step Five: Once the new battery is set in place, close the two halves of the device and make sure that they are closed tightly by pressing down on both sides until it clicks into place. Return the physical key to its slot and press down firmly to engage it.

2009-2010 Key Fob Models:

Step One: Locate a small indentation at the bottom of the key fob where the keyring is. Grab the flat head screwdriver and insert it in that small indentation, then wist the screwdriver gently to pry open the key fob casing.

Step Two: Remove the outer casing and then take out the rubber piece where the buttons are and set them aside.

Step Three: Take out the old battery with your fingernail and replace it with a new one. Make sure that the new battery’s positive side is facing down and secure it in place. This 2009-2010 key fob also uses a CR2032 lithium battery.

Step Four: Put everything back together, starting with the rubber part where the buttons are followed by the outer casing. Be sure that all sides are properly aligned, and then press them in place until you hear a clicking sound.

And that’s it! You’ve now completed the process of replacing your key fob’s battery.

What are the things to consider when replacing the battery in a key fob?

The first thing you would have to consider is the make and model of your key fob. Not all key fobs are compatible with other brands of battery, so be sure you buy the correct battery for your keyless remote. You can double-check this from your manual or ask your auto dealer for assistance.

Using a fresh new battery is another important part of the process. A new battery will help ensure that your keyless entry remote works properly.

Keep your key fob away from direct sunlight, heaters, or other sources of high temperatures. Leaving your key fob in extreme heat for extended periods of time can damage your battery.

Finally, change the battery in your key fob as soon as the signs of malfunctions are present. If you notice your key fob is not working properly, the battery may be dead and should be replaced immediately.

How long does the battery in a key fob last?

The battery in a key fob lasts anywhere from 3-4 years, depending on how often it is used and what features are in use. It is ideal that you change the battery like every other year to prevent any unexpected malfunctions.


Replacing the battery in a Dodge Journey key fob is not difficult and can be done within minutes. If you notice that your key fob isn’t working after replacing the battery, try to reopen the key fob and check if you have inserted the battery correctly or if you have installed a new battery. If this didn’t work, bring your key fob to your car dealer for further help and assistance.

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