How to Replace the Battery in a Ford Edge Key Fob?

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The Ford Edge is a fantastic vehicle, but it can be frustrating when your key fob stops working. The battery in the key fob will eventually wear down and need to be replaced. This article will show you how to replace the battery in a Ford Edge Key Fob in different year models so that you never have to worry about being locked out of your car again.

How to replace Ford Edge key fob battery?

Your key fob is your entry device to your Ford Edge. Without it, you might find it difficult or would cause inconvenience to lock and unlock the doors of your car or even operate its alarm system. If your battery for the Ford Edge key fob no longer works as expected, then the chances are that the battery is already drained out. Here are the easy steps to 2017 Ford Edge key fob battery replacement in different models.

2017-2019 Ford Edge Key Fob

Step 1: Remove the valet key out of the key fob and set it aside. Next, you can either use a small screwdriver or the physical key to pry open the key fob casing gently to expose the battery compartment. Make sure you don’t apply too much force to the fob casing since this may damage it.

Step 2: Grab the small flat head screwdriver to take out the old battery from its compartment and insert the new battery in place. Make sure to install the new battery following the correct battery orientation. This key fob uses a CR240 battery.

Step 3: Once the new battery is set, return the key fob casing and snap it in place. Don’t forget to reattach the valet key back and your key fob is all set!

2011-2015 Ford Edge Key Fob

Step 1: 2015 Ford Edge key fob battery replacement is easy. Flip over the key fob and locate a small latch at the back of it. Press that latch to release the physical key from the key fob. Split the key fob casing in half with the help of a small screwdriver from popping up the small slots found near the keyhole until you have gently pried open the casing.

Step 2: Remove the old battery out of its compartment and insert a new CR2032 lithium coin cell battery in place with the positive side facing down.

Step 3: Once the new battery is secure in place, reattach the key fob casing and snap all sides tightly. Replace the physical key back, and your key fob is good to go!

2007-2015 Ford Edge Key Fob

Step 1: Insert the small flathead screwdriver in the tiny notch at the upper right side of the key fob and twist it gently until you separate the casing in half.

Step 2: The battery in this key fob is covered with a thin rubber mat. Remove this rubber mat and take out the old battery. Grab your new CR2032 battery and place it in the compartment with the positive side facing up this time.

Step 3: Replace the rubber mat back, reattach the key fob casing and snap all sides tightly. Make sure that your key fob is snapped back together before you attempt to use it again.

What are the causes of battery drain in a key fob?

Batteries are different, and each requires a different treatment and care. Depending on the type of battery that is installed in your key fob, it may require more or less attention than others do. There are cases when batteries drain even without use, but this usually happens if you don’t take proper care of them. Here are some possible reasons when need to replace the battery on your key fob:

  • Low or dead batteries
  • Improper use or storage
  • Exposure to moisture or extreme temperature
  • Corroded battery or battery terminal

How often should you replace the battery in your key fob?

Key fob batteries should be changed every three to four years. If your key fob is having issues, this may be a sign that the battery needs changing. Do not ignore this. The problem may escalate into your key fob not working at all, which is an inconvenience if you depend on it to lock and unlock the doors of your car. If this happens, then there’s no way around it but to replace the battery immediately.


Taking care of your key fob is vital to ensure it will last for a long time. You need to check the battery life and handle it with care so you won’t damage any internal components in case of an accident. Take note that the Ford Edge key battery replacement is just an easy task.

If you notice that the battery in your key fob is already drained, make sure to replace it right away. It’s best to use only batteries with high quality and brand names because these are compatible with most models of key fobs. Once you have removed an old battery from the device, be careful not to short out any contacts inside the compartment because this can damage the components inside. And finally, keep a spare battery at home so you can easily replace the old one if it runs out of power.

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