How to Replace the Battery in a Brita Maxtra Light Indicator?

Many people have asked how to replace the battery in a Brita Maxtra light indicator. They wonder if they need to take it back to the store or if there is something else they can do. This blog article will answer those questions, so continue reading to find out more about the best way how to replace Brita battery.

How does the battery-operated light indicator work in Brita products?

The Brita faucets and pitchers are equipped with a light display that lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter with its advanced light technology. These indicators work by measuring how often the product is used and reminding you after a certain amount of usage that the filter may need replacing. The system tracks how often you use the product and reminds you when it’s time to change the filter. The indicator works as a timer based on how long Brita believes each filter will last on average.

The indicator on the Brita faucet measures the quantity of water that goes through it as well as how long it takes. The indicator will turn red after approximately 100 gallons or four months, whichever occurs first, to advise you that the filter should be changed.

In the case of Brita pitchers (such as Brita Maxtra), it’s simply a simple timer. It can measure when you use your filter to determine how much water has been put through it and then reminds users about replacing their filters on an ongoing basis based on this information alone.

How to replace Brita filter battery light indicator?

Brita products are known for being high quality, stylish and functional. However, there is the only disadvantage in Brita water filters, and that is each contains a non-replaceable battery. However, you may continue to use the Brita faucet or pitcher after the indicator battery has died. It is then up to you as an individual how long each replacement filter lasts. Only time will tell.

The brita indicator battery replacement is a complex process. It is highly recommended that if your Brita indicator stops working and is still within the warranty given, which is usually one year, you must call Brita customer support for assistance.

However, there may be times when the battery requires to get replaced immediately. In this case, you may follow the procedure below but be very careful in doing this as you don’t want to damage your water filter pitcher or faucet. Remember that when you choose to replace the battery yourself, you will shatter the device’s watertight seal in order to get access to the battery compartment.

    1. First, you need to remove the module out from the device. Flip over the module, and you will see that the battery is sealed in a plastic container type or unit.
    2. Second, find a small seam at the edge of the module unit. You will need a small wiring cutter or a flat chisel blade to cut the case through the seam to have the case open. Be very careful when doing this step that you don’t put too much pressure as it is very easy to damage the little engine inside this module or could even cut yourself.
    3. Third, once the cover lid is off, remove the old battery by sliding it out from the battery compartment. This device uses a 3V CR1620 battery.
    4. Fourth, grab your new battery and slide it in the compartment. Make sure the side of the battery where the markings are facing upward. Once the new battery is in, run a quick test if the device is working properly. You can do the test by pressing and holding the start button on the device. The LCD screen should show that the battery is charging up to 100% mode. And that’s it! You’ve successfully replaced the battery on your Brita water filter indicator.

How long does the battery in a Brita filter last?

The battery in your Brita filter lasts for two to five years, depending on the make. It’s important that you read any warranty information before purchasing a replacement, so you know when it’s time.


Brita water filters are so effective that they may be used even after the indicator battery has died. However, changing the filter will all depend on how long each filter lasts and whether they are changed on a regular basis or not at all. If you are not comfortable with replacing the battery yourself, it is best to take your Brita device in for service. This way, you can make sure that those experts will get the job done right.

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