CR2016 VS CR2032 Batteries – What Are The Differences?

The main difference between CR2016 battery has a capacity of 600mAh, while the CR2032 is 800 mAh. This means that if you have an application with high power requirements, such as low-energy flashlights or GPS receivers, then the thicker and longer-lasting CR2032 will be your best option.

If you own a digital camera or any other device that requires batteries, it is important to know the difference between them. The very common examples are the CR2032 and CR2016 batteries that sometimes some people get confused about.

This blog post will answer your questions about these two battery types so that you can make an informed decision in the future. 

Are CR2016 and CR2032 the same?

Since CR2032 and CR2016 batteries look very similar, it can be difficult to tell them apart. There are many minor differences between these two types of coin cells, including their size and lifespan.

The two noticeable differences are the size and the battery’s capacity. We will explore what these differences are so you can make sure you are using the correct battery for your device.

Can I use CR2032 instead of CR2016?

They differ in physical size.

The CR2032 and CR2016 batteries are actually slightly different in size, with the CR2032 battery being thicker than the CR2016 one. They are designed with the same diameter of 20mm, but the CR2032 is twice the thickness of the CR2016 battery. This isn’t a significant difference, but it is noticeable when looking at the two types of batteries side by side.

You can find out the exact dimension of each battery by looking at the four digits in the battery’s code. The first two numbers correspond to 20mm in diameter, and the last two digits tell the thickness of each in mm (32mm and 16mm).

The casing of the two types is also a bit different: while both have plastic cases, they are colored differently—silver for CR2032 and white-ish for CR 2016. The CR2032 battery has a metal top with ridges that might get in some way on your device.

The actual size of a CR2016 battery is smaller and will fit in more places. But these two types of batteries are best for small devices, such as watches.

This slight difference presents another challenge when selecting a replacement if ever you need one in the future. You can’t just use one type of coin cell in place of another because their physical dimensions are different.

Can CR2016 replace CR2032?

CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are both lithium coin cells but not identical at all. Their chemical components will vary slightly to account for what type of function each one is intended for.

Therefore, it might not be possible to use a CR2016 battery in place of a CR2032. The physical size difference makes it impossible for the two types of coin cells to work together without some modification. So if you need to replace either type, then look at the other batteries that are available on the market before making your decision.

Which gadget is best to use for a CR2016 battery?

The CR2016 (sometimes called an SR 2016) is a kind of button cell battery typically used for watches and some calculators. They are available in two types, primary lithium and silver oxide. Primary lithium is more common for wristwatches, but silver oxide lasts longer, with its higher voltage being suitable for applications that require more time between changes of the batteries. The most popular sizes for these kinds of batteries are 20mm diameter by 3mm height (a very slim one).

Can I use a CR2032 in place of a CR2016?

Using a CR2032 battery to replace CR2016 batteries might not be the best choice. The voltage of these two batteries is different, and the CR2032 battery has a larger capacity. This could cause your device to have problems from running on an unstable voltage or could not last as long because it is being drained too fast for its size. If you need to replace either of these batteries, then look at other options available in the market before making a decision about which one will work.

Is there a battery replacement for CR2032?

CR2032 is a type of lithium battery that has been used in many electronic devices such as watches, calculators, and hearing aids. CR2025 is another alternative option to replace your CR2032 as it is also a coin-cell battery and has a slightly higher capacity.

How do I know which type of battery to use in my device?

Well, that’s the 5 million dollar question. Seriously though, this is a complicated one and will involve consultation with manufacturers to identify which type of battery suits your gadget/device best. It is always best to ask for a professional’s opinion before purchasing to avoid any risk of damaging your device.

Why should I care about the differences between these two types of batteries?

It is essential to know the difference between CR2032 and CR2016 batteries because they possess almost the same features but have their own unique differences in size, capacity, and voltage. If you are looking for a CR2016 or CR2032 battery, then make sure that it is the appropriate fit by finding out what your device needs before making your purchase.

What are the benefits of using a CR2032 over a CR2016 battery?

A CR2032 battery lasts about four times as long as a CR2016, and because it’s larger, it doesn’t have much snap, which makes it safer for toys and some children’s devices.

How long does a CR2032 battery last?

There are factors that can affect how long the battery will last. The thing to remember is, whether you get one with ten years or three months shelf life depends on where it’s stored and what time period it was manufactured in. If they were made recently, there should be no reason your batteries couldn’t have up to ten years of shelf life.

Where to buy CR2032 and CR2016 batteries?

CR2032 and CR2016 batteries can be purchased in almost every store that sells electronics. If you are looking for a more specific battery replacement, then check out the manufacturer’s website for your device to find the right fit.

To which device can I use a CR2032 battery?

CR2032 batteries are widely used in various devices such as calculators, watches, hearing aids, LED lights, calorie counters, car key fobs, and some children’s toys.

Are there safety hazards associated with CR2032 and CR2016 batteries?

Yes, there are a few safety hazards associated with the use of these types of coin-cell batteries. To avoid unforeseen accidents, make sure that you are storing your batteries correctly and keep them away from children who may swallow the toxic substance if it leaks out of the device.

You should also know the proper disposal methods for CR2032 and CR2016 batteries or any kind of batteries to avoid any environmental hazards. In this way, you will also help protect the planet.

Will it cost more money to replace my CR2032 and CR2016 batteries?

The price should not be determined by which type of battery you are replacing. This can depend on various factors, such as where it was manufactured and how old it is. You will also consider the capacity of the battery and its voltage before making the purchase.

But if you would really like to invest in a good battery that will last longer and has an extended shelf-life, then there are higher brands worth considering.

Some important tips to remember about CR2032 and CR2016 batteries

If you need to replace your old battery with one from the same manufacturer, you will want to use the same type of replacement – either a CR2032 or a CR2016.

You should also ensure that whichever type you choose has the voltage and amp-hours needed for your device’s requirements.

It seems like there is too little difference between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries, but if you are looking for something small that won’t break easily and lasts longer when used in high-drain devices like digital cameras or watches, then go with a CR2016.

When shopping around for which type of replacement battery to buy, keep in mind what kind of device it is going into so that you know whether or not it will work properly and last as long as expected 

Make sure that you store unused batteries away from metal objects like coins or keys because some batteries can short-circuit and may cause fires.

Always double-check before buying any new replacement batteries, and ensure that they are the right type for your device.

In conclusion, CR2032 and CR2016 batteries may be small in size, but they have many differences in their uses and features. We hope this article has taught you to better understand the differences between these two types of batteries to help you make the best decision should you need to replace your batteries anytime soon.

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