How to Change the Battery of the Ford Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

The Ford Key Fob is a remote starting system that enables you to start your vehicle from several yards away. The battery in the key fob will last approximately one year, then it needs to be replaced with new ones. This article will help you change the battery of your Ford Key Fob without any difficulties.

How to change the battery in a Ford key fob?

The Ford key fob is a small device that communicates with your car and helps you open the doors, trunk and start the engine of your Ford vehicle without you even touching it. The batteries inside the key fob allow communication between both devices, so if there is no juice left, then it won’t work at all.

Changing the battery in a Ford key fob is easy when you have the right tools, so make sure you get one of these before starting. It may sound difficult, but it’s not too hard if you take your time, follow the instructions below and pay close attention to what you’re doing.

Step 1: Take off the back cover by pushing down the small button at the back of the Ford key fob.

Step 2: In order to open the key fob, use a flat screwdriver and insert it into the end of the key fob. You can then pry off its cover with care by wedging in your tool at that gap. Some would use a small coin and twist it inside until popping off occurs.

Step 3: Use the screwdriver to pry out the batteries one at a time. Yes, you’ve read it right, batteries as this key fob uses two batteries. Take out the first battery, remember the orientation before removing it, as you will insert the new one as to how the first battery was removed. Remove the remaining battery after. Don’t forget to dispose of the old batteries properly. Be responsible enough on your part by following your city’s or county’s rules when disposing of these batteries.

Step 4: Insert the new batteries in the battery compartment. For the first battery, the side where the + sign and other writings should be facing up (don’t forget to peel that protective sheet on the new battery before placing it in the battery compartment). Slide down that little separator piece and then insert the second battery where the side with the writings is facing down this time.

Step 5: Grab the cover and realign it with the key fob. Push it in until you hear a click sound to securely place your case back together.

Go ahead and test if your Ford Key Fob is working properly by pressing on its buttons or lock/unlock the doors of your car. If everything works fine, then congratulations! You’ve just changed the battery of your Ford Key Fob without breaking a sweat.

What batteries does Ford Key Fob use?

The Ford key fob uses two CR2025 lithium coin cell batteries. These key fob batteries can last around three to four years before they will need replacement.

If you do not have a fully functional key fob, it can lead to frustration and stress, which could make some people unable to get into their car without the help of someone else with an operational set of keys.

The next time you think about getting new batteries for your Ford key fob, don’t rush it. Take some time to check and research exactly what you need and find the right one in no time. When changing the batteries, make sure that you use the right battery model to avoid any issues with your Ford key fob.

How to tell if your Ford key fob battery is going bad?

There are a few warning signs that you will notice when your key fob battery is going bad. It may start to take more effort for the car to unlock with certain buttons on the fob not even working at times. There are cases when the key fob is not responding to your vehicle, which can signify that it is time for you to change out the battery.

Eventually, if left unchecked, all of the functions in this device will stop functioning until there comes a day where you can’t get into your vehicle no matter how hard, or long you try.

If you ever notice that your key fob is losing power, then replacing the battery will restore its functionality. Be sure to replace the batteries with a high-quality one or have an experienced mechanic inspect and replace it for you if you are not comfortable doing this yourself.


Changing the batteries of your Ford Key Fob is one of the most basic tasks that you can perform to ensure that it works smoothly. 

If your Ford key fob isn’t working as it should, you might need to change the batteries in it. With the guides stated above and a little patience, you can get that problem fixed with ease. You deserve to have an up-to-date vehicle accessory that is safe for driving around town or across the country!

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