How to Change a Hyundai Remote Fob Smart Key Battery?

by Phil Borges // in Car

In this article, we will discuss how to change a Hyundai remote fob smart key battery. This is an important task that should be done every two years or when the battery life indicator on your remote fob flashes. Remote fobs use batteries that are not rechargeable and need to be replaced with new ones. If you would like more information about changing a Hyundai remote fob smart key battery, please read on!

How to change a battery in a Hyundai smart key?

If your Hyundai smart key just stopped working, then you may have a dead or dying battery. This might be the time for you to consider getting Hyundai smart key battery replacement. Changing battery in Hyundai key fob is easy and takes less than five minutes. This process can be done without tools so it’s perfect for those of us who are not handymen!

Here are the steps to changing your battery of the newer version of the Hyundai smart key fob:

Step 1: You have to remove first the emergency remote key from the bottom of the key fob. To release the key, press the small silver button at the bottom of the remote key.

Step 2: Use the physical key to split the key fob case by inserting the tip of the key to the slot right next to where the key was removed.

Step 3: Once you have split the key fob case, lift it up carefully and remove the circuit board from its base. After removing the circuit board you will then see the battery compartment. Use again the tip of the physical key to remove the old battery by sliding it out.

Step 4: Put in the new battery and make sure to follow the battery orientation. Once installed, slide the case back in and snap it closed.

Step 5: Return the physical key back to its slot and try to test the remote key by pressing a button. If it works, then your key fob is good to go.

The older version of the Hyundai smart key fob has a different way of opening the key fob case. You will have to use a coin or a flat blade screwdriver to pry open the key fob.

Why is the Hyundai Smart Key not working after changing the battery?

The Hyundai Smart Key may not work after changing the battery because the new battery may have been put in incorrectly. Check again to see if the battery is inserted correctly.

The other reason why the smart key is not working after battery replacement is that the remote key fob is not paired with your Hyundai vehicle.

If your keyless entry remote still isn’t working, schedule an appointment for service immediately. It may not be just a dead battery that needs replacing; it could also mean there’s some other issue at hand here. The experts in this field will be able to diagnose this for sure and can give you further recommendations for your smart key fob.

What battery does a Hyundai remote key fob use?

Lithium coin cell batteries are the best replacement battery type for Hyundai remote fob smart keys. A CR2032 battery is a perfect fit for most Hyundai key fobs. This battery can last up to five years in your remote.

If you think the battery of your smart key is getting weak it is best to replace it as early as possible. If you wait too long to change out the battery, your Hyundai key fob might not function properly or even be stranded with no power at all!

It is very difficult to tell if a smart key’s lithium coin cell battery is dead just by looking at it. One way to check if your battery is weak is to test it out with the use of a multimeter. The battery is good if the reading shows 3-Volt, and if it shows less than 3-Volt then the battery is weak.


Replacing the battery in a Hyundai remote key fob is an easy process, but it’s important to have some patience when doing so. It can take up to two minutes for your smart key to sync with the car after you switch out the old battery with a new one.

It is always best to replace the battery as soon as possible if you notice your remote key fob isn’t operating to its fullest potential. If the battery is left alone for too long, it might be rendered useless and will need to be replaced with a new one.

If you think that the problem is with the remote key fob itself, it is best to bring the fob to your auto dealer/shop and have a professional look at it. This way, they can get to the root of your fob’s problem and fix it accordingly.

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