How to Replace the Battery in a Honda Odyssey Key Fob?

The Honda Odyssey Key Fob is a remote control device used to start the engine of your vehicle. The key fob will allow you to lock and unlock the doors, open the trunk, and turn on your lights with just one touch. It also has a battery that needs to be replaced every few years in order for it to work properly. If you are ready to replace it yourself, don’t worry – we have all of the instructions right here!

How to change battery on Honda Odyssey key fob?

If you have a Honda Odyssey, then you are familiar with how the key fob for this vehicle works. Sooner or later, the battery in the key fob will die, which will tell you it’s for a replacement. Luckily, changing battery in Honda Odyssey key fob is easier than ever before. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Flip the key fob and locate the small screw near the metal key. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to take out the screw. Be sure to keep that small screw safe, as you will need it later on.

Step 2: Get a flat head screwdriver and pry apart the two halves of your key fob. It will open up like a clamshell, and you should be able to see inside the circuit board on which you will find where the battery is located.

Step 3: Pull out the circuit board carefully from its compartment. Grab your smaller screwdriver to pry up the circuit board housing in half.

Step 4: Remove the old battery with the help of a flat head screwdriver and change it with a new battery. Make sure that you follow the correct battery orientation when inserting the new battery.

This Honda Odyssey keyless entry remote uses a CR2025 3V Lithium battery which is very common and easy to find. There are great deals on Amazon for replacement batteries for your key fob.

Step 5: Snap back the circuit board housing together. Make sure that the small peg found at the bottom of the housing is inserted into the small hole on the other half.

Step 6: Press any button and check if it is working (you should see a red light after each click on the button). Return the circuit board back to the key fob housing. Make sure that the buttons are inserted correctly in place.

Step 7: Place the cover back and snap the key fob halves together. Replace the small screw on the back of your key fob, and you’re all set!

Remember: Dispose of the old battery properly. Do not just leave it somewhere as it could get in the hands of a child, which is dangerous.

How long does a Honda Odyssey key fob battery last?

A fresh battery should be good or can last between three to five years, but the actual life of the car key fob can depend on how frequently you use it if your keys are exposed to very cold or very hot temperatures, battery size, and your driving habits.

It is always best to have your key fob checked each time you visit your car dealer or service center. This way, if the battery is going bad, you will be able to get it fixed right away before your fob stops working completely.

What are the signs that your key fob needs a new battery?

If you are experiencing any of the following problems with your key fob, then there is a good possibility that you will need to change Honda odyssey key battery.

-Your key fob is not responding when you press the buttons on it. The signal strength has been known to get weaker over time.

-The buttons on your key fob are not clicking anymore, and instead, they feel stuck or jammed inside the fob.

-Your car might be reacting slowly when you use your key fob to lock/unlock doors or open/close the trunk.

-The lights go off when your key fob is pressed.

-Your key fob has stopped working altogether.

Do not ignore checking the battery in your key fob. It is best to replace the battery as soon as possible before it completely stops working.


The Honda Odyssey key fob battery is not a difficult thing to replace, but it does require an amount of time and effort. With a bit of time and know-how, you can replace the battery in your Honda Odyssey key fob.

To avoid inconveniences, the first time you notice that the signal strength on your device has decreased or isn’t working at all anymore – don’t think twice and get a battery replacement right away.

We hope that this blog post has served you some insights into how to replace the battery in your Honda Odyssey key fob. And that you also learn how a battery for a Honda Odyssey key fob works and when you need a replacement.

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