4 Signs When It’s Time For a New Battery

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Battery replacement is not a chore that should be left and can be attended at a later time. You cannot always have someone like your mechanic or a car repair shop to do the work for you. There are times that you have to replace the battery by yourself, especially during an emergency.

The question is, can you replace your car battery the right way? When is it time for a new battery?

There is no need to worry as this article will teach you about four symptoms of an almost failing battery as well as how to replace the car battery properly. This will also give you ideas on when is the right time to replace the battery.

Always Inspect Your Car Battery

The best practice is to give your car battery a thorough inspection at least once a month. This ensures that you can take the necessary steps to have it replaced before it is too late. By doing this, you will not be surprised when your car unexpectedly dies on a trip or if an emergency arises, and this is something that should never happen since safety always comes first.

It is always helpful for drivers who want their cars running reliably and smoothly every day. Be attentive on what to look out for to take preventative measures against an engine breakdown due to worn-down batteries if need be.

The Need for Replacement Batteries

It would be best for drivers to get a replacement battery as soon as it starts giving out. This will give you time to have a new one installed and get back on the road in no time, without any worries or panic attacks that might occur if your engine suddenly dies while driving because of an old or failing battery.

It is also best to know how often should you change your car battery. This will depend on the car battery type and how old it is.

Four Signs That It Is the Time for a New Battery Replacement

The best advice is to check with an expert or your car’s manual before deciding what action would be the best for your situation. Here are the 4 signs it is almost time for a new battery:

1.The battery has reached its lifespan.

One of the many reasons why you need to replace your car battery is because it has reached the end of its lifespan. These factors are age, weather, and severity of use, among others.

Most people would want their batteries replaced when they have crossed the threshold or limit for the number of charges that can be taken before it will no longer hold up.

Old and dying car batteries cause the ignition to fail, or the engine will not start at all. To prevent further damage to your car, it is time for a replacement as soon as you can.

2.The engine cranks longer.

When a battery is near to the end of its life, it will start taking more time for your car’s engine to crank up and start running again after you turn the ignition.

You can also tell that your battery is dying when you notice the lights flickering or hear strange noises coming from inside. If your battery does not give off sufficient voltage, then this will lead to a dead car because it cannot start. It would also cause other electrical parts in the engine to malfunction or break due to not receiving enough power.

It’s important to get it replaced before these problems happen, so bring in your car now for a system inspection.

3.There is corrosion in the battery terminals.

Corrosion in the battery terminals is another sign that your car’s battery needs to be replaced.

A corroded terminal could mean you need a new one because this means that the corrosion is damaging the battery. It is also the best time to have your alternator or starter checked for any serious issues as well, and if this is so, then it is best to get them fixed at once before they cause more damage than necessary.

Some car owners would consider cleaning the corrosion first to see if there is a need for replacement, but this should be done cautiously. The cleaning procedure will require using a baking soda and a toothbrush. This will dissolve the corrosion to be cleaned off, but if this does not work, you should replace your battery the right way to avoid any further damage from happening.

A leaking battery could be another sign that there might be something wrong with the other parts of your engine, so to get rid of potential safety hazards or damage, it’s about time to replace battery right away.

4.The car has sat for a long period of time.

If the car sat for a long time, this would cause it to wear out faster. This can make a dead car hard to start because the engine cannot get enough power from a weak or dying battery.

An excellent way to prevent getting stuck in such a situation would be to periodically drive the car, even if it is for a short distance. This will help control your battery from dying and save you some money in the process because this would avoid having to spend on a new one anytime soon.

How To Replace Your Car Battery

The steps in replacing your car battery are as follows:

  • The first step is to check the battery.
  • The next thing you should do is remove any debris or dirt from the terminals and cables.
  • Remove your car’s negative terminal by loosening the bolt on it, then carefully taking off all of its attachments such as wires and connectors until they are fully detached.
  • Next, disconnect the positive terminal by loosening the bolt and detaching any attachments.
  • The last step is to attach a new battery with all its connections in the right places. Ensure that the battery is attached correctly and tight enough for it to work correctly.

If you are unsure of how to replace the battery, follow the instructions from your car’s manual or seek help from an expert who knows what they are doing because this will ensure that you have installed it correctly.

Proper Care and Maintenance of Batteries

Maintenance should be the goal to prolong the life of your battery. This is why it is a good idea to also invest in a car charger (for electric car brands) that will retain and maintain its charge, thus keeping you from having to replace them for as long as possible.

You should also monitor how often you use your vehicle because this can be another factor when determining if the need arises to replace your battery.

Proper storage of your car battery will also help with preserving it. This is why storing the car in a garage, or indoor space where there are no risks of freezing will be helpful because this can avoid some problems that might arise from your battery not being fully charged.


The days of your car dying on the side of a road are over. That is if you know when it is time to get a new battery and that you are always aware about 4 signs of a failing battery. Make sure that you do not hold off for too long because, as soon as your old battery starts giving out, there will be trouble ahead and no one likes being late in this progressive world we are in today. It is best that you are also updated with the latest technology to have a more convenient and hassle-free life.

We hope that this article helped you better understand how your battery works when to replace it if needed and how to replace a battery safely.

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