Will Disconnecting Battery Reset MyKey?

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The Ford MyKey system is designed to provide you with a more secure and convenient driving experience. If your car has been running for too long, then it's possible that the battery could die and need to be recharged. This would cause the MyKey system to stop working until you reconnect the battery. The question of whether or not disconnecting your car's battery will reset Ford MyKey depends on how old your key fob is as well as what type of vehicle you have.

Generally speaking, if your vehicle was made after 2012, then this should work just fine; but if your car was made before 2008, this might not work at all because those models were not equipped with an immobilizer system that can detect engine functions such as fuel injection or ignition.

If your vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer system that detects fuel injection and/or ignition, disconnecting the battery will not reset Ford MyKey. This would also disable your car's engine function. This can be a problem in certain situations when you need to drive it but cannot due to the key fob being deactivated.

If your MyKey system does not rely on the engine function, then disconnecting the battery will reset it, and you can go ahead and use your key fob again.

How do I override Ford MyKey?

Ford, the world's second-largest car manufacturer, offers a keyless entry system called MyKey. Ford MyKey is designed to help parents (or anyone) protect their vehicle and family by limiting specific capabilities when driving. This includes limiting speed to 80 mph, disabling audio volume above 50 percent of maximum level, and disabling access to entertainment systems until seat belts are fastened for all passengers. It also locks out the radio after ten minutes without use or if you exceed 15 miles per hour in reverse gear.

Ford MyKey can be an essential safety feature for many drivers who live where it snows during winter months by preventing accidents due to slippery roads or dark conditions. Ford MyKey is a nuisance for other drivers who appreciate the convenience of not having to remember to remove the keys from their pockets.

Ford has integrated an easy way to disable Ford MyKey if you need to do so for any reason. This is most often done by reprogramming the keys. You'll need to consult a professional mechanic for help with this, and the mechanics will know the specifics of overriding Ford MyKey software.

How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key?

MyKey is a theft deterrent device for Ford vehicles. It was introduced in 2007 and has been standard on new Fords since 2008. MyKey can be programmed to limit the top speed of your car, how fast it accelerates, and the stereo volume. The idea is that you have one key for yourself and another key with safety features for a young driver or guest passenger who needs some help learning about driving safety. In order to get rid of MyKey without an admin key, below are three methods:

  1. Reset through the service menu
  2. Disconnect the battery
  3. Remove from the vehicle using a special tool kit (might not available at many stores).

How do I factory reset a MyKey?

There are many reasons why you would want to reset your MyKey? Perhaps, the battery died, and now the car won't start. Or maybe you're selling your car but just want to wipe all of its data for peace of mind.

After years of development, Ford finally launched their long-awaited MyKey system in 2010. The idea was simple: give parents more control over what kids can do while driving by restricting certain features like top speeds or using cellphones while driving. This would be done with a key fob that could be programmed with restrictions on when they're in effect (essentially "locking" out certain functions). Not only does this allow parents to keep their children safer on the road, but it also gives them peace of mind knowing that these restrictions will be enforced even if someone else borrows their car.

Unfortunately, there isn't an official way to reset or wipe your MyKey system (that we know of). This is often because newer cars still use this technology, and they want you to go into a dealership to have it reset. But for older cars, you can do the process yourself.

In this case, we'll be using a 2006 Ford F-150 King Ranch truck with MyKey technology. First off, disconnect your battery by removing the negative cable from the battery terminal and then reconnecting after ten minutes or so to ensure that all power has been drained from the computer. Disconnecting and reconnecting acts as a hard reset for your car's MyKey system, wiping everything that can be wiped (in this case: all data about your key fob).

Now try to start the vehicle and it should say "Mykey Activation Required" on your dash if you did it successfully.

Will removing the negative battery cable reset computer?

If you own a Ford and your key is not working, then chances are that the battery has been disconnected. This usually happens when someone tries to steal a car or if there was an accident and the airbags deployed. But did you know that removing the negative battery cable will reset Ford MyKey? That's right! You can disconnect it at anytime for this purpose. Now, people often ask what exactly will happen if they remove the battery cable from their car--will it kill all of their settings? The answer is no because once you reconnect it back up to power, all of your settings should be restored as before--even without having to do anything else.


Ford MyKey is sensible and thoughtful security software developed by Ford vehicles to protect customers. It was developed with three goals in mind: to protect your car, to help you save money, and to keep teens safe.

The system adapts the vehicle settings according to different drivers in order to ensure that everyone has a personalized driving experience. If you have MyKey installed on your Ford vehicle, then it is likely that disconnecting the battery will not reset this feature since it is stored by an onboard processor. I hope this article was informative.

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