How to Reset a Viper Alarm After Changing the Battery?

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Viper alarms are well known for their high level of protection. They have a backup battery that will keep the alarm going in case you forget to disconnect it after changing the battery. But what if your Viper alarm won't power on and you don't know how to reset it? Here is an informative blog post that will teach you how to reset Viper alarm after changing the battery.

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Viper Alarm and Its Features

Before we proceed with resetting a Viper alarm after changing the battery, it is important to first understand what this type of alarm does.

Viper alarms are known as one of the best brands in home security systems because of their outstanding features that set them apart from other types of alarms, such as:

1. Viper alarms are the most technologically advanced car alarm systems on the market.

2. The Viper system is a two-part security device that includes an alarm and keyless entry remote.

3. Viper alarms have been installed in homes, businesses, and vehicles for decades.

4. A home with a viper alarm has increased safety while its occupants sleep or work inside.

5. There are no worries about your car being broken into if you have a Viper Alarm installed because it will set off an ear-splitting 120-decibel siren as soon as someone attempts to break in.

6. Security professionals recommend installing this type of alarm system on all automobiles because it effectively deters thieves from breaking into them.

How much will it cost to install a Viper alarm?

The installation will cost between $159.99 and $249.99 for basic car security. The price will vary depending on what kind of vehicle you're putting it in (car, SUV, truck) and how many features you would want to be included (remote start, auto locks/unlocks).

According to one survey, it takes approximately three hours to install a car alarm. The longest installation reported was five hours, and the shortest was two.

For a Viper alarm to work most effectively, it needs to be installed by an experienced installer because there are certain components the technician will need in order for the alarm system to work.

What type of battery does a Viper remote use?

This streamlined remote is perfectly designed to work seamlessly with your car, and the sleek silver design will match any interior. It's small and a perfect fit in a purse or pocket, so you'll always have it on hand when you need it.

The Viper Remote is a durable gadget that uses CR2016, CR2032, type of batteries. These small batteries will last about one year and should be replaced annually to ensure safe use of the remote.

How to change car alarm battery?

The process of Viper remote battery change is not as simple as changing the battery in your TV remote control. In order to make sure that you get it right, we have created instructions below for resetting a Viper Alarm after replacing the battery.

Older remotes require a bit more finesse to open up. First, remove the single screw on what would be the back of your remote, and it will come apart in half so you can access the circuit board/battery. These batteries are usually 12 volts, much smaller than AAA battery size.

On newer remotes, you'll notice there is no screw to open the two halves of the remote. Instead, at one end near where your thumb would rest will be a small notch in between both sides with some distance separating them. Take an appropriately sized flat blade screwdriver (no need for anything too big) and gently pry these halves apart using this notch as a leverage point until both sides come fully off with ease revealing everything inside, including the power source and circuit boards that are set up inside. It uses CR2016, CR2032 types of batteries and needs to be replaced after 12 months to ensure the remote's continued functionality.

How to reset car alarm after battery change?

After changing the battery, the Viper alarm reset can be done by pointing the fob key toward the vehicle as it begins to sound its alarm. 

Listen and wait for about six seconds before pressing the lock button on your car's remote. The Viper system will reset, but your vehicle will still be armed against intruders.

Why the the Viper key fob not working?

If you have just changed the battery in your Viper alarm and it is not working, there are a few things that might be wrong with it. The best way to fix this is to contact your car's dealer or the original installer of your alarm if you are not sure where to start. Getting an expert opinion is always the best option when you're not sure what's wrong.

How do I know what type of Viper alarm I have?

You can check the type of your Viper alarm by giving the product's serial number to your auto dealer or installer. They will be able to verify this from their record, and they'll you the model of your alarm system. There is a sticker with a 10-14 character that makes is the serial number.

How To Reset Viper Remote Start?

There are a few ways to reset a Viper remote start. One is to use the keyless entry method. With the keyless entry method, you have to unlock the driver's door with the key and then open the hood. Once you've opened the hood, locate the black box that's near the right headlight. There's a small hole on the side of the black box. Stick a paper clip into the hole and press down on the button inside for five seconds. After five seconds, release the button and remove the paper clip. The remote start should now be reset.

How to turn off the Viper remote?

When you're ready to end your night, press and hold the "Arm" button on your remote until your alarm turns off automatically, open up the driver's side door of the car with a key in hand and unlock it; this will disarm most models' alarms.

Can I install a Viper alarm myself?

Installing a car alarm can be quite complicated because there are many components that need to work in order for your Viper Alarm system, including proximity sensors, motion detectors, sirens, or horns, and more so, it's essential to consult an expert for the safest and most efficient installation.

How do I activate my Viper alarm?

The Viper alarm is activated by pressing the padlock icon on your remote control for one second. Disarm it with two chirps and a flashing light.

How to disable the Viper car alarm?

To disable your Viper car alarm, put on the work gloves and turn off the engine. Open up the driver's door and look for a cover underneath under of dashboard that covers ignition wires coming from the steering column. Remove the black wire connecting module to an internal compartment in the dash by unscrewing it.

How to set the time on my Viper alarm?

The Viper alarm is a device to protect your car from intruders and thieves. To set the time on it, first hold down the F button for 8 seconds to activate the remote set up. You'll then have a message saying "remote setup" show up on your display. After you press it again, use the remote start timer and aux buttons to scroll through menus until you find time setting.

Is it reasonable to have a Viper alarm in your car?

Yes, it is. Viper alarms can automatically arm as soon as you unlock the car with your key, and they also have a remote control just in case someone tries to steal something from inside or if you want to use an alarm system manually.

Is there a recommended type of Viper alarm?

Viper 5706V is the best car alarm that has a two-way pager and remote start system. While it can be pricey, this model will provide you with features so thieves don't get away even when they strike in your area at night time or if it's raining out without being noticed.

What does the AUX button mean on the Viper remote?

When you press and release the "AUX" button, it activates Silent Mode. This prevents your horn from sounding or flashing to confirm the activation of an alarm.

How to program Viper alarm remote?

To program a Viper remote, place the key to ignition, turn to 'on' position and press any button from your remote. 

Hold down on your car's alarm transmitter for two seconds. Press any button on the remote while you are holding it, then release both buttons.

Can someone trigger the car alarm?

Can you imagine coming out of your home and seeing that someone has triggered the alarm on your car? Quite a few people feel unsafe when this happens. Security systems are important for those who live in busy, urban areas near highways or even just at their homes with an unattended parking lot nearby.

Car thieves may be less likely to steal from vehicles if they know there is a security system installed because door sensing will trigger the alarm if doors are opened while it's armed; as such, installing a security system can help prevent theft.

Why do car alarms randomly go off?

A dying battery is one of the leading causes. The alarm goes off whenever you turn on your engine if it's low on power and sends an alert signal even though there may not be anything wrong with your vehicle.

How long will the alarm go off before it stops?

The alarm that goes off when you lock your car will continue to make a loud noise for the next 15-30 seconds before going silent, then it'll do this 5-10 more times until someone shuts it down or takes out the battery.

Can a car alarm kill the battery?

A car alarm can drain your battery. Car alarms have been known to kill batteries, but only when they are installed incorrectly by an amateur installer or the aftermarket product is not made correctly for a particular automobile make and model.


In today's world, car alarms are a necessity for protecting your vehicle. After all, you've spent much time and money to make it look nice and run smoothly.

With the increasing number of car thefts, it's important to invest in an effective and reliable car alarm system that will alert you when someone has entered your vehicle. It can also be used as protection against vandalism or damage from other people who might enter your vehicle while parked on the side of the road. 

To keep your car safe, it's important to also invest in a quality alarm. We hope that you find the different instructions above helpful and that you have learned the different features and importance of a Viber alarm, including how to reset it after changing the battery.

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