How to Open Lexus Trunk With Dead Battery?

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Most drivers don’t give much attention to their vehicle’s battery until it stops working. If this happens, you might be in trouble if you need to get into your Lexus trunk, but the battery is dead. Fear not – here’s our guide to opening the trunk of a Lexus when the battery is dead.

How to open a Lexus trunk without a key?

Opening a Lexus trunk without a key varies depending on the age of your Lexus. Some older models have a latch located toward the back of either side panel near where you would step into the car if it were parked perpendicular to you. Slide the latch up and pull out/open the hatchback door for these cars.

You can use a coat hanger or other wire to pull up the release mechanism for cars with more modern trunks (where the latch is on top of the trunk, not near the side panel). You’ll need to be careful when doing this as you don’t want to damage anything on your car.

Other Lexus trunk models have a manual release underneath the car near where you would put gas in your car. In this case, you can just access the latch from the back seat. You might have an electronic lock on your Lexus keyless entry system if that doesn’t work. Many newer cars have this option for convenience and security purposes.

If you don’t have either of these, you can check your owner’s manual, as opening the trunk in other ways may be possible depending on your Lexus model.

How do you open the trunk of a dead battery?

A dead battery is always a hassle, especially when getting into the trunk. Opening the trunk with a dead battery is not the same as opening it with a working battery. With a working battery, you would just use the key fob to unlock the car and press the trunk release button.

There are different ways to open the trunk of a car with a dead battery. It varies depending on the age and model of your car. In some models, you can open the trunk using the emergency key. The emergency key is a small black key attached to a red lanyard. It would help if you first unlock the driver’s door with the regular key fob to use it. Then, insert the emergency key into the hole on the driver’s side of the car and turn it.  Then wait until your Lexus trunk open. That’s why owners should know how to open Lexus with manual key.

If your Lexus trunk wont open still, another way to open it is by using the hood release lever. The hood release lever is a black lever located near the engine on the front of the car. It would help if you must first unlock the driver’s door with the regular key fob to use it. Then, open the hood and locate the lever. Pull it towards you to release the trunk.

Some cars also have a manual trunk release located in the car’s cabin. It is a small black lever that is usually found near the backseat. To access it, you need to get into the backseat. Turn off your car and press down on the lever with a towel or other soft item. This will release the trunk lid from the inside of the vehicle.

How do I manually open my Lexus RX 350 trunk?

The Lexus RX 350 is a famous luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). This car is designed with different features on how you can manually open and close your trunk.

If you have a dead battery and need to open your Lexus RX 350’s trunk, there is a manual release lever inside the vehicle that you can use to open it. Reach in through the driver’s-side door and pull up on the lever to pop the trunk. You can also use this method if your key fob is not working properly. Ensure to close the trunk when you’re finished using it, or else thieves could easily access your belongings.

You can also try the following methods:

  • Try unlocking the car’s rear door by accessing the little button under the Lexus emblem with your hand with your key fob on you.
  • Try using the touch-free rear door feature of your Lexus RX 350 by placing your palm an inch away from the Lexus emblem.
  • Try unlocking the car’s rear door through the trunk button from the dashboard simply by the “press and hold” scheme.
  • If you have a spare key, try using it to unlock the car. If your key fob is working properly, the car will unlock when you’re near it. You can also press the “Unlock” button on the key fob to open all of the doors of the Lexus RX 350.

In conclusion, it would be best to be familiar with these methods if you ever find yourself in binge situations. It will allow you to unlock the car and press the trunk release button without any trouble. Remember that the process varies depending on your car’s age and model. So, it’s essential to assess first what works for you to save effort, time, and money. Always exercise safety precautionary measures when doing it; it would be best to have a backup plan.

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