Does Autozone Install Batteries for Free?

by Phil Borges // in Car

One of the most frequent questions that people ask when looking for a new car battery is, “Does AutoZone install batteries for free?” This is a good question that deserves to be answered. The answer may surprise you, so continue reading to learn more about other services offered at Autozone.

Will Autozone change my battery?

In the world of car batteries, AutoZone is a well-known name. When only the best will do, many car owners rely on AutoZone to provide them with a top-quality product. In addition to selling batteries for nearly every make and model of vehicle out there, AutoZone also performs battery installation. There are certain limitations, though, with their AutoZone free battery installation benefits.

First, you must purchase a battery from the AutoZone store.

Second, if the installation necessitates the removal of other components from the vehicle, you will need to have the battery installed at a different location.

Third, if the battery is located in an unusual position, such as inside the wheel well or beneath a seat, AutoZone may be unable to install it.

In these circumstances, when AutoZone is unable to change the battery in your car, you will be directed to a trustworthy business/service shop that can help you change the battery.

This is just one example that makes it clear why AutoZone is a popular place to visit. In addition to free battery installation services, AutoZone also offers many other benefits that make it an even more valuable resource for all your automotive needs.

In fact, those who purchase from their store can also take advantage of the following perks:

  • While the battery is still in your car, AutoZone will provide free battery testing and charging. AutoZone offers a variety of services, so it is best to check with your nearest store before making a visit.
  • If you require to get your battery checked out, AutoZone offers free tearing of the same. If they determine that it isn’t broken but needs charging or retesting anyways, then there will be no charge for these services.
  • They may also check your automobile starter and alternator after it has been taken out of the vehicle.
  • The “check engine light” may come on for various reasons, including a faulty sensor or an issue with the OBD port. If you need help determining what’s going wrong with your automobile, call AutoZone.

How much are the car batteries at AutoZone?

The cost of car batteries at AutoZone will range between $50 and $120 depending on what kind of battery, the year and model of the car, and the manufacturer.

AutoZone provides an extremely valuable service: They will inspect your automobile and then give you a price range.

If you want to maintain and keep your vehicle running smoothly, AutoZone also offers a premium battery that you can invest in. Expect these batteries to cost between $90-$200 dollars that may last longer than cheaper models because of their higher quality construction material which provides more strength for less weight or volume.

Battery life is determined by a variety of factors, including age and the quantity of usage, but AutoZone has you covered. They’ll gladly take time to explain all your choices so that they can help give recommendations based on their knowledge in these matters.

Does AutoZone accept old batteries for disposal?

Disposing of the old batteries properly is essential for the environment, and AutoZone takes this very seriously. They do accept old batteries for disposal from their customers and will be given a gift card in return for every battery dropped off. You can use this gift card for your future battery purchases at AutoZone. This is a convenient way for a car owner to dispose of their old car battery and expect a little something back in return. AutoZone will then take care of recycling the old car battery for their customers.

Does Autozone replace key fob batteries?

Apart from the services mentioned above they offer key fob battery replacement. If you are not sure whether your key fob requires a battery change or not, bring it to AutoZone and they will check for you.

Does Autozone Replace Batteries?

Yes, most AutoZone stores offer a battery replacement service. Simply bring in your old battery to the store and they will test it to see if it can be reused or not. If it can’t be reused, they will replace it with a new one. If you need an autozone battery replacement, just go directly to the closest AutoZOne shop near you.


Batteries are the integral part of any car, and it’s important to have a reliable battery that will start your vehicle when you need it. AutoZone is the go-to place for batteries in many areas because they offer both new and rebuilt options at competitive prices. In order to keep your car in its tip-top shape, you need to take care of its battery which you also require a trusted auto shop like AutoZone that can help you out. AutoZone offers a full range of services, including battery installation, for those who do not have much time to do it themselves or would rather leave this job to AutoZone professionals with the assurance that it’s done right.

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