Where is the Mercedes Sprinter battery location and how to jump start or charge it?

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If you're in need of a new battery for your Mercedes Sprinter van but aren't sure where to find it, you've come to the right place! We'll show you exactly where on the vehicle it is located and, at the same time, learn how to jump start or charge the battery in a Mercedes Sprinter.

Where is the battery located in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter?

Knowing where to locate the battery in a Mercedes Sprinter is important so that you would know where to access it in case you need to change the battery.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a unique vehicle that has many different features and functions. One of the very special features of this vehicle is its battery location. 

You won't find the Mercedes Benz Sprinter battery in the engine compartment where most vehicles keep their batteries. But instead, the Sprinter keeps its battery in a special enclosed location under the footwell of the passenger seat. This location provides many advantages, such as greater protection for this expensive component and increased stability. Follow the steps below to access the Mercedes Sprinter battery.

1. Locate the gray lid cover that has a black flat button and open it. A coin or a key can help you open it by turning the button sideways. Once you have loosened the button, you will then be able to pull up the gray lid panel off the floor.

2. Next to the gray lid panel is a carpet that covers the battery. Removing the carpet will expose the battery compartment cover panel held by four screws.

3. Use a T30 Torx screw to loosen all four screws and remove the battery cover panel.

And there you have it! The Mercedes Sprinter battery location is now exposed.

How to charge or jumpstart the battery in a Mercedes Sprinter?

Now that you have located the battery in the Sprinter, the next thing you need to know is how to charge the battery. It's mentioned earlier that this vehicle has a unique feature about its battery location. Along with it is the process of charging the battery.

Charging the battery will require connecting the clamps to the battery cables. But as for this vehicle, you won't connect the clamps directly to the battery's post but instead to the extended cables found in the engine bay.

Step 1: Open the engine bay by releasing the lever found at the passenger seat near the fuse box. Next, open the hood by pressing the lever underneath it, pull the hood, and lock.

Step 2: Locate the positive terminal with a red plastic cap and the negative terminal in a brass color on the side of the engine bay.

Step 3: To connect the clamps to the post, push the red plastic cap and twist it, and then connect the positive clamp to it. Now connect the other clamp to the exposed brass metal terminal and turn on the charger.

This is the same method you would follow when you jumpstart a car. The difference is that you need a running car to power up/jump start your Sprinter's battery in this case.

How would you know if your Sprinter needs a new battery?

There are different signs that indicate that your Mercedes Sprinter needs a new battery. Some of these are:

  • One of the very common telltale signs is when you turn on the ignition, and all you see is one single click, but no lights or sound coming from inside. If this happens to you and, then maybe it's time for a new battery.
  • The check engine light would turn on and will tell you your battery is running down.
  • Battery fluid leaks can cause corrosion, which is an encouraging sign the battery should be replaced.

The best and ideal way to know if your Sprinter needs a new battery is by having it inspected at the dealership where you purchased the vehicle. The technician will inspect the battery and make a determination if it needs to be replaced or not. If it does, the cost of the battery and installation will be included in the inspection.


We hope that this post has been helpful and informative to you in understanding how the Mercedes Sprinter works, with regards to its battery location and how to charge or jump start it.

If you will soon charge or jumpstart your Sprinter's battery, always remember to wear safety goggles and gloves. This is to ensure that you are safe from any sparks or contact with the battery terminals, cables, or tools.

If your Sprinter's battery life has diminished over time due to it being used frequently, due to old age or dead battery, then you need to replace the Mercedes Sprinter battery as soon as possible before something bad happens. Just ensure that you use the same type of battery for your Mercedes Sprinter to avoid any issues with the vehicle's charging system. Just remember to dispose of the defective battery the proper way and recycle them when possible. This is part of being environmentally friendly!

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