How to Change the Battery in AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob?

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Do you have a Mercedes Benz key fob that will not work? This can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this problem. In the below article, we will show you how to change the battery in your AMG Mercedes Benz key fob so that it starts working again quickly and easily. Not only will this save time and money if your car won’t start because of it being out of juice, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is back up and running as expected.

How to replace the battery in the AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob?

AMG Mercedes Benz key fob battery replacement is an easy task, but if you are not familiar with the AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob, then there might be a slight chance that you will end up damaging it. The wrong usage of tools can also cause damage to your precious car keys, and hence this post aims at guiding all the newbies out there.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to change the battery of the AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob:

First, open up your car key by removing any screws that are present on it. If there are no screws, then simply use a flat head screwdriver and insert it into the grooves present around the edge of the fob. While inserting the screwdriver, give a bit of pressure so that you can easily remove your AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob case from its place.

Once the cover is removed, it would be easy to determine which type of battery is being used in your car key and how many batteries are needed to change altogether or one by one. In the case of the Mercedes Benz AMG Key Fob, there might be a diagram present on it which will give you all the information about battery type and the number of batteries used. In order to replace these old key fob batteries with new ones, select the same type of battery from the market or your local hardware shop and remove its cover using a screwdriver.

Now, simply replace the old batteries with new ones and reassemble your AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fob case. As soon as you are done replacing batteries in these car keys, it is advised to test their functionality before installing them back into your precious car.

If there was any damage caused due to mishandling of tools or batteries, then you should take it to your local mechanic or dealer and ask for further check or repair if necessary.

If there was no damage caused due to mishandling of tools, then simply reassemble all the parts back into place, test them into your car and start using these AMG Mercedes Benz Key Fobs again without any hassle.

Why should you change the battery in your key fob?

No electronics inside the shell of a key fob will last forever. The battery will lose its charge over time, and you’ll be left with a fob that doesn’t work.

Having a fresh battery in your key fob makes it easier to get into the car. You can also have more than one set of keys if, for some reason, your first set breaks or is lost so that you won’t be stuck waiting for replacement keys.

You should change the battery in your key fob every couple of years because it will save you time and money. If the battery goes, so do all of its functions: locking and unlocking doors, popping open trunks or gas lids, etc.

You will save yourself the hassle of having to get new keys cut or locks changed because one function has stopped working (and possibly others). It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re stranded somewhere with an old dead battery, it can be a lifesaver to have a new one.

What are some common mistakes when installing a new car’s key fob battery?

Improper installation of the battery in the key fob can cause a key fob to stop working or work intermittently. This happens when users are not careful with inserting it properly into its slot.

Another common mistake is using a battery that does not fit right for the model being used, which can also lead to damage or malfunctioning of the car’s electronic system.

In the case of Mercedes Benz AMG key fobs, there are some special considerations when installing a new key fob’s battery. Always make sure that you have a fresh battery, and that it is inserted properly into the key fob. Be careful not to make any mistakes in order to avoid damage and unnecessary costs.

If the car’s key fob does not respond when pressing any of its buttons, or if the key fob stops working entirely after installing a new battery onto it, there might be another problem with your Mercedes Benz AMG remote control unit. In such cases, it is recommended that you contact a professional technician to help with the installation of your new key fob’s battery.


Like any battery, the key fob battery will discharge over time. If this happens, it can make getting in and out of your car a little more difficult. But the biggest problem is if you have to break into your own car someday due to some reason or another; we’ve seen cases where people’s keys had lost their charge while they were away on vacation and couldn’t get back into their own house. That was a huge headache for who knows how many people (or families).

So change your key fob battery if it needs changing unless you want it to suddenly disappear. Keeping a spare battery around is a good idea. Just be sure to get the correct type of battery for your AMG key fob. This way you can replace the battery before it runs out, and avoid any unfortunate situations.

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