Walmart Return Policy On Car Batteries

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Have you had any experience of difficulty in getting a replacement for a defective car battery bought at some auto shop store? Isn't it frustrating when you have to go back and forth between the store and your mechanic so many times before getting a replacement for your automotive battery?

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In this article, we will share how Walmart is committed to helping customers get going again, how they handle car battery returns, how they care about customers' safety and provides a battery exchange service to suit the needs of all their valued shoppers.

Walmart Car Battery Core Charge

Walmart is known for selling different brands of batteries including car batteries and other automotive batteries. They are committed to providing the best possible service at affordable prices, with a wide selection of battery brands available.

They offer quick and easy solutions for getting a new car battery, whether you're returning or just checking your current one. With the large inventory of Walmart automotive supplies in-store as well as free testing offered at many locations, Walmart is the place to go if you need a replacement.

Walmart has a wide variety of car batteries to choose from. They are easy and convenient for anyone who is in need of one, as they can be found at Walmart stores nationwide.

There's no better place for those on the go or just looking around near your location than Walmart. Also, they are known for selling three kinds of lead-acid batteries, which you can only find at Walmart. These are the Walmart EverStart Maxx, EverStart Plus, and ValuePower batteries.

Can You Return Car Battery To Walmart?

You can return a car battery to Walmart, but you may not be able to get a full refund. Most stores have a policy where they will only issue a refund for the amount that the battery was sold for, minus a restocking fee. If you bought your battery from Walmart, you should be able to return it without any problems as long as it's within the store's return policy. Just make sure that you have your receipt or original purchase invoice handy.

Does Walmart Take Old Car Batteries?

The Walmart car battery exchange program is offered at most Walmart stores nationwide for customers to be able to get their replacement without having to go anywhere else.

The Walmart exchange offers free battery fee for disposal, but with a catch. When you buy an old battery to trade-in for a new one at the store, but when there's no exchange involved between your old & new purchase, Walmart will assess $5-$9 as battery core fee or battery core charges, which is only applied to some certain states.

They do this to encourage battery recycling to help our environment by reducing the number of batteries that end up in landfills. The Walmart car battery recycling program is an innovative way for you to get a replacement core fee refund. The battery core refund can be processed and completed in person at the nearest automotive department or customer service area. The refund can also be in the form of a tangible Walmart gift card or discount. This is your chance to recycle your old car batteries then.

Can you avail Walmart battery warranty without receipt?

Under the Walmart car battery return policy, it is not difficult to replace a Walmart battery. Even without the receipt, you will still be able to get a car battery replacement and warranty honored as long as it is an EverStart brand that you purchased from Walmart. They will check the serial number on the battery and will verify this from their system.

It would be nice if every battery manufacturer honored another brand's warranty, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. There can be instances that replacement with no receipt cannot be guaranteed or offered to other brands.

Can you return batteries to Walmart?

Walmart is known to be lenient when it comes to its return policy rules to their appliances items. Return car batteries can be accommodated as long as the purchase follows the guidelines and meets the Walmart car battery warranty, they will exchange your purchase or refund it for you without problems. Walmart will gladly accept returns within 90 days after purchase. This applies to most items with some exceptions:

  • Within 15 days period, Walmart will accept returns of some electronic products and airbeds that are not used or defective together with the receipt of purchase.
  • Within 30 days period, some outdoor tools can be returned, which should come together with the official receipt as well.

If you are returning unused Walmart car batteries, they must still be in the original packaging for Walmart to accept and credit back your purchase. This applies Walmart Everstart car battery warranty, you can bring it back without any questions to most Walmart outlets. But for other brands of batteries that are not their house brand, the return policy may vary.

Walmart sells a variety of batteries, and each has its warranty. The information is displayed on the battery itself and on Walmart's website, so you'll want to compare these options before making your purchase decision.

EverStart Maxx has the best battery replacement policy, offering free replacements within three years of purchase. EverStart Battery Plus is the second-best option with a lifetime guarantee on batteries for 12 months from the purchase date. ValuePower provides one year's worth of coverage.

If you are researching the best way to buy a car battery, then you know that they come with return policy and auto warranty. The policy for returned car batteries varies from store to store. It is always good to check the return policy before you purchase in case there are any changes.

Remember other factors that should be taken into consideration when buying your battery replacement. You will also want to compare brands, power ratings, charging rate, and battery warranty lengths that can all vary store-to-store. The best way to research these options would be by reading customer reviews and looking at the product's labels.

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