SR927W Battery Equivalent Chart

Do you need to replace your SR927W battery but aren’t sure what the equivalent replacement is? Look no further than this SR927W battery equivalent chart. In this article, we’ll explore the various replacement options available for an SR927W battery and answer some commonly asked questions to make sure you find the right replacement for your needs.

SR927W Battery Equivalent Chart

SR927W Battery Equivalent Chart Battery Name Chemistry Voltage Capacity
LR927 Alkaline 1.5V 45mAh
389A Silver Oxide 1.55V 30mAh
SR57 Silver Oxide 1.55V 30mAh
SR927W Silver Oxide 1.55V 39mAh
SR927SW Silver Oxide 1.55V 39mAh
SR927 Silver Oxide 1.55V 39mAh
D389A Silver Oxide 1.55V 30mAh
195 Silver Oxide 1.55V 30mAh

What is the equivalent of a SR927W battery?

The SR927W battery is also known as the 399 battery or AG7. The equivalent replacements for the SR927W battery include the following:

– SR927SW
– 395
– 395A
– 399A
– LR927
– LR57

What energizer is equivalent to SR927SW?

Energizer has its own equivalent battery for SR927SW, which is the Energizer 395/399. The Energizer 395/399 is a silver oxide button cell battery that has the same dimensions and voltage as the SR927SW.

What battery is the same as a 927?

The SR927W battery is the same as the 399 battery and AG7. Some equivalent replacements for SR927W include SR927SW, 395, 395A, 399A, LR927, and LR57.

How long does SR927W battery last?

The lifespan of an SR927W battery depends on several factors, including manufacturer, usage, and storage conditions. On average, a new SR927W battery can last between 2 to 3 years with normal usage. However, if the battery is not used frequently or is exposed to extreme temperatures, its lifespan may decrease.


In conclusion, the SR927W battery equivalent chart provides a handy reference guide for finding the right replacement for your battery needs. Remember to consider the equivalent replacements, such as the SR927SW or 395/399, and the lifespan of the battery when making your purchase. With this information, you can confidently replace your battery and keep your devices powered up and running smoothly.

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