What Does the Battery With the Exclamation Mark Mean?

A battery with an exclamation mark means a warning message that your gadget needs attention and can’t hold a charge for longer. If you ignore it, your device will eventually stop working and won’t turn on anymore. To remove this symbol, keep reading.

What does the battery with the exclamation mark mean?

On mobile devices, the exclamation mark means that the battery is not working properly and must be replaced immediately. In some cases, the battery isn’t communicating properly with your phone‘s logic board due to a faulty battery. Thus, getting a new battery is recommended before you experience severe problems.

On laptops, the exclamation point (!) is a “system notice” that the power source isn’t enough, which means your computer’s performance will decrease and start draining its battery quickly. It indicates that you need to reduce or stop using other applications while charging your laptop to charge it efficiently without being too overwhelmed by the running background programs.

Why does Kindle show a battery with an exclamation mark?

The Kindle battery exclamation mark means that the battery is not functioning correctly. You should reset your Kindle tablet and see if you can get rid of the error message. If the problem continues, there might be something wrong with your tablet’s internal component, which needs to be repaired by a professional.

Why is it important to understand this symbol on your battery?

If you notice your kindle battery with exclamation point symbol (!), it means the battery has been activated and loaded with energy. Understanding this symbol on your kindle battery icon is essential because it can tell you whether it is safe for use and helps you determine if your battery has been compromised.

What’s the next step if the exclamation mark on the battery doesn’t go away?

If the error code doesn’t go away, your device probably has something wrong. The best thing that you must do is to contact the manufacturer and ask for their troubleshooting guide. If that still doesn’t work, backup your data and perform a factory reset on your device.


You shouldn’t panic if an exclamation mark appears on your screen. Instead, you should take action to remove it by properly taking care of your battery. Ensure to update your device’s software, turn off any features you don’t need (like Bluetooth), and close apps when they aren’t used. Importantly, do not use the gadget while charging to keep your battery in good condition.

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