What does the battery with the exclamation mark mean?

Have you ever wondered why a Kindle has battery with exclamation point? It's a warning! This is the most important message you'll see when it comes to your battery. A battery that has an exclamation mark next to it means that it needs attention and can't hold a charge for long anymore. If you ignore this, then the gadget or device will eventually stop working and won't turn on again. So, for example, if your phone says "75%," but there's an exclamation mark next to it, it may be recommended getting a new battery as soon as possible before you experience any more problems with your device. Read on for more information about this topic.

What does the battery with the exclamation mark mean?

The battery with the exclamation mark is a warning from your device that it could be running out of power soon. Why does this happen? There are plenty of reasons why your device might run into trouble and start to drain its battery quickly.

Let's identify these reasons to some different scenarios as below:

For Mobile Devices

The exclamation mark means that the battery is not working properly and must be replaced as soon as possible. In some cases, the battery isn't communicating properly with your phone's logic board, which may be faulty.

The first approach that you must do is check if you have any apps running in the background on your mobile devices. These drain power quickly! This will help prevent them from dying so frequently because they are working constantly throughout the day to load information and run apps.

You can also try to keep your device away from sources of water and high humidity. If you accidentally drop your gadget in the sink or spill anything on it, this will do significant damage to its components which could cause it problems later down the line.

For Laptops

The exclamation point (!) is a "system notice" that the power source isn't enough, which means your computer's performance will decrease and you won't get as much charge out of it. Additionally, if you're using your laptop while charging at the same time, then there may be some damage to the battery long-term! It is also best to use the charger that came with your laptop as it should be the right voltage for that particular device.

When the wattage of a power source is not enough, an exclamation mark will appear on your computer screen. This indicates that you need to reduce or stop using other applications while charging your laptop so that it can charge more efficiently without being too overwhelmed by background processes and programs.

Why do Kindle just shows battery with exclamation mark?

The Kindle battery exclamation point means that the battery is not functioning correctly. You should try to reset your Kindle tablet and see if you can get rid of the error message after doing so. If the problem continues, then it's possible that there might be something wrong with an internal component of your tablet, which will need to be repaired by a professional.

Why is it important to understand this symbol on your battery?

It's important to understand this symbol on your battery because it can tell you whether or not the battery is safe for use, and it can help you determine if your battery has been compromised or not. If there is a "!", that means that the battery has been activated and loaded with energy. This symbol should not be ignored. Contact your device manufacturer immediately for assistance on what's the best course of action for your device.

If your battery shows any signs of wear, then it should be replaced immediately before causing damage to anything else in your home, like electronics or appliances.

What's the next step if the exclamation mark on the battery doesn't go away?

If the error code doesn't go away, then there is probably something wrong with your device. The best thing that you must do is to contact the manufacturer and ask for their troubleshooting guide. If that still doesn't work, then you might want to backup your data and perform a factory reset on it so that the error code goes away.


Batteries are important devices to have nowadays because they allow us to use our electronic devices constantly without being tethered by wires. There are things you should know about batteries before purchasing them, though, so that you can achieve the best performance out of your new battery.

You can get the most out of your battery by making sure that you are regularly updating your device's software, turning off any features you don't need (like Bluetooth), and closing down apps when they aren't needed. To best prolong the life of the battery, do not use the gadget while it is charging.

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