How to find ASUS Battery Health Charging App?

The ASUS battery app is a vital tool for users of the Android operating system. It can be used to diagnose and repair many different kinds of problems that may occur with your laptop's battery, but it is not always easy to find. This article will explain how to find ASUS battery health charging application in your laptop model.

How to find the battery health app on your ASUS laptop?

The ASUS battery health charging app is a great way to keep your battery in top shape. It is an easy-to-use, one-click app that maximizes the life of your battery by providing you with updates on how much charge it has left. The app also provides you with tips and tricks for maximizing the life of your battery.

To most of the ASUS models, you can find the battery health charging app by going to its setting option and look out for it there. Otherwise, you can access the app from its power management option, where it is a pre-installed app for your laptop model.

Some ASUS models may have the battery health charging app saved in the MyASUS setting. Look for the Customization tab, then click on Power and Performance button to view the battery health charging app of your laptop. There will be three different mode options to choose from when this battery health app is activated.

  1. Full Capacity Mode (battery icon in yellow color) - a default setting in your ASUS which tells you that the battery is charged in the full capacity that will allow you to use the battery power for longer use.
  2. Balanced Mode (battery icon in blue color) - this monitors the condition of your battery and automatically switches off when it detects that charging power is above 80% and then will begin to charge when it detects a below 78% charging power.
  3. Maximum Lifespan Mode (battery icon in green color) - When the battery is full, it prevents charging when power is above 60% and resumes charging when energy drops below 58%. This mode applies to Notebook that is powered by an AC adapter.

How to install Asus battery health charging app?

If this Asus battery health charging app is not installed in your Notebook model, you can go to Asus's official website and search for ASUS Battery Health Charging app under the Utilities section and then download it. Always check with your manual guide of which app is applicable for your specific notebook model and for instructions on how to download and install the app on your ASUS laptop.

If you are unable to find the ASUS battery health charging app on your Notebook, for example, the Asus UX43OUA model, you can contact the customer service center of ASUS directly. They will be able to help you find it and also give you more information about how you can maximize its use for maximum benefits.

Why does the ASUS battery drain so fast?

We all knew that batteries would lose their charge over time, no matter what you do. Your Notebook is subject to battery drain depending on how you use it. However, many notebooks have a battery drain issue that's becoming more and more common with each passing day. It can be frustrating, to say at least, when your Notebook loses its charge quickly without any explanation for it doing so. One cause of battery drain is the Notebook's battery age. Older batteries will naturally lose their charge quicker than newer ones. Other causes may be on the laptop's software system management setting due to heavy programs or apps installed like graphic or gaming software, video playing, which can drain battery power quickly.


The ASUS battery health charging app is an excellent tool for anyone using their computer because it allows you to easily monitor your laptop's power levels and ensures that your notebook battery operates at peak performance and efficiency. It will track the health of your battery and how it is performing. It will also keep you informed as to which programs are draining the life from the battery, such as heavy software applications or streaming video sites that use a lot of power when played in full-screen mode. This ensures that any issues with performance can be found and remedied quickly.

If ever you are thinking of making a purchase of a new ASUS notebook, it is best to conduct a thorough research first on the product and its features. You can also visit the store to personally inquire and check if a laptop supports a battery health charging app before deciding to buy. This way, you can ensure that the laptop or Notebook you will purchase supports the required software and is optimized for the type of work you do on a day-to-day basis.

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