How to Find ASUS Battery Health Charging App?

The ASUS Battery Health Charging app is a great way to keep your battery in good shape. It is easy to use that maximizes the life of your battery by providing you with updates and repair systems to fix your laptop’s battery issues. It also offers tips and tricks for maximizing the life of your battery. Sadly, many ASUS users are having difficulty finding where it is or are unaware that this app exists. Well, this article will help you find it real quick.

How to find the battery health app on your ASUS laptop?

You may find the battery health charging app on most Asus models by heading to the device’s Settings and using the search button to find it quickly. In every other case, you can access the app through the power management option since the app comes pre-installed on your laptop.

Some ASUS models may have the battery health charging app saved in the MyASUS Settings. Look for the customization tab, then click on the “Power and Performance” button to view your laptop’s battery health. Three different mode options are available when this battery health app is activated.

    1. Full Capacity Mode (battery icon in yellow color) – a default setting in your ASUS that tells you that the battery is charged to the full capacity, allowing you to use the battery power for a long period.
    2. Balanced Mode (battery icon in blue color) – this monitors the condition of your battery and automatically switches off when it detects that charging power is above 80% and then will begin to charge when it detects a below 78% charging power.
  • Maximum Lifespan Mode (battery icon in green color) – When the battery is full, it prevents charging when power is above 60% and resumes charging when energy drops below 58%. This mode applies to Notebook, which is powered by an AC adapter.

How to install the Asus battery health charging app?

If the ASUS Battery Health Charging app is not yet installed on your Notebook model, you may search and download it from the Asus’s official website under the Utility section. Always check with your manual guide which apps are applicable for your specific notebook model and the instructions on downloading and installing the app on your ASUS laptop.

If you cannot find the app on your Notebook, you can contact ASUS’s customer service center directly.

Why does the ASUS battery drain so fast?

We all know that batteries will lose their charge over time, no matter what you do. The age of the battery in the Notebook is one factor contributing to the battery drain. Batteries older than a few years old will naturally discharge more quickly than newer ones.

The Asus battery life will depend on how often you use your computer and what programs you are running. If you constantly use high-powered programs, your battery will drain faster.

Another potential cause may be the software system management configuration of the laptop, which may be due to the installation of resource-intensive programs such as graphic or gaming software as well as video-playing applications, which can quickly deplete a battery’s capacity. That is why it is vital to always check asus battery health.


The ASUS Battery Health Charging app is helpful software for everyone who uses a computer. It makes it simple for you to monitor the power levels of your laptop and guarantees that the battery in your Notebook will function at its most productive levels. It will also inform you which programs reduce battery life, such as power-hungry software applications or streaming video websites. Knowing these factors will help you prolong the lifespan of your device.

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