How to Replace the Battery in a 2020 Dodge Challenger Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

How to change the Dodge Challenger key fob battery type? This is the question that many owners of 2020 Dodge Challengers are asking themselves. The battery can die at any time, so it’s important to know how the Dodge challenger key fob battery replacement works before you need to do so! Read on to find out the simple steps on how to change your car key fob’s battery.

How to change battery in key fob Dodge Journey?

Dodge Challenger key fob replacement is not too difficult but straightforward and easy. All you need is a new battery and a small flat blade screwdriver.

First step: Remove the emergency key from the key fob by pressing down that small sliding button to release the metal key.

Second step: Insert the tip of the small flat blade screwdriver in the slot where the metal key was and twist it gently to pry apart the key fob.

Be careful not to scratch the two halves of the key fob, and do not bend them too much since they are fairly fragile. You can use a shim or another small piece of flat metal if necessary in order to get enough leverage on the screwdriver for prying apart the key fob housing.

Third step: Remove the old battery carefully with the help of the screwdriver. Dispose of the old battery properly.

Fourth step: Insert the new battery in place and gently press it down. Be sure that you follow the correct battery orientation when replacing the battery.

The Dodge Challenger key fob uses a CR2032 3V Lithium Battery. This battery type is easy to find at any local store that sells batteries. You might have to remove a small adhesive label or plastic protector so it can fit into the key fob housing without interfering with other components inside.

Fifth step: Carefully put back together both halves of the key fob until you hear them click firmly in place again. You should be able to fix this without any tools or extra force, but if you feel that it resists too much, then stop and check the battery orientation again.

Sixth step: Return the mechanical key back by sliding it to its original position and make sure that it locks in place.

And the last step: Test the new battery by pressing any button on the key fob while holding down the lock/unlock buttons simultaneously for at least three seconds until you hear a beep or see lights flashing. This means that your 2020 Dodge Challenger Key Fob is working properly.

How to start Dodge Challenger without key fob?

Follow the steps below to start your 2020 Dodge Challenger even with a dead battery in your key fob.

  • Use the mechanical key to unlock the driver’s door to get inside the car.
  • Place your dead key fob on the Switch ignition button while your foot is on the brake pedal.
  • The engine will recognize the key fob and start the vehicle.

Be sure to get a new battery for your key fob so you can continue to use it to start your 2020 Dodge Challenger with no hassle or problems. It is also best to have a spare battery just in case you ever need it.

Why is the key fob not working after battery replacement?

If after replacing the battery and your Dodge Challenger key fob won’t work, the problem could be from another issue. See if the error falls on one of the following:

– Recheck the battery if you have placed it correctly. Make sure the battery is not damaged or broken.

– See if the buttons on the key fob are working.

– If your key fob is not paired with the vehicle, you may need to reprogram it. You can follow the step-by-step procedure in the manual that comes with the device on how to reprogram the key fob or simply ask for help from your auto dealer.

– Inspect the key fob casing for possible damage.

If none of the above works, a help from a professional will be needed at this stage.


Maintaining your Dodge Challenger is the key to keeping it in top condition and also protecting your investment. Following the recommended maintenance schedule is advisable to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. A part of this regular maintenance is keeping the battery in your key fob fresh and in good condition. Ensuring you have a working key fob is essential when it comes to your security and access into the vehicle, which is why changing the battery in the Dodge Challenger Key Fob regularly can help avoid any inconvenience or problems you may encounter in getting inside of your car.

If you encounter problems with your key fob and you are not sure how to deal with it, feel free to reach your auto dealership for help. They will provide you with the best possible service so that your car and your key fob are working in top condition at all times. Finding out the error or problem early will save you money in the long run and help protect your vehicle from possible thieves.

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