How to Replace the Battery of a Lexus Key Fob?

by Phil Borges // in Car

Lexus is a luxury car manufacturer that produces vehicles of high quality. There are different models of Lexus cars for sale, and the price ranges depending on the model chosen. One thing that all Lexus vehicles have in common is that they use key fobs to lock/unlock the doors, activate alarm systems, etc. But what happens when the battery on your Lexus key fob wears out? Will it still work with the new battery, or will you need to purchase an entirely new one? This article will show you how easy and straightforward it is to replace the battery in your Lexus Key Fob!

How to replace Lexus Key Fob battery?

Lexus Key Fobs are a handy way to be able to start your car without having the keys in hand. But, you might find yourself at a point where the battery has died, and you need to replace it. Luckily, Lexus makes replacing the battery easy for their customers by including instructions on how to do so with every new key fob they sell.

In replacing the battery of a Lexus key fob, you will need a new battery and a toothpick or a small screwdriver. Follow the step-by-step procedure below to replace the battery in your Lexus key fob.

1) You will need to remove first the emergency key from the bottom of the key fob.

2) From where you removed the physical key, a little slit will be visible. Insert the tip of the key into the slit and twist it carefully to pop off the key fob case.

3) Once the fob is open, you will see that the old battery is enclosed with four small retaining clips. Use a toothpick or a small screwdriver to pry out the old battery. Make sure to dispose of the old battery properly and do not just throw it in the trash.

4) Slide in the new battery into the battery compartment and make sure that the battery orientation is correct.

5) Reattach the cover back and return the physical key into place. Try to press a button and see if there’s a light indicating that the key fob is working.

The whole process should take no more than five minutes to perform. It’s a simple piece of maintenance that everyone who has a Lexus Key Fob should know.

What battery does a Lexus Key Fob use?

Lexus has developed a keyless entry system that unlocks the car when you are in range. It is powered by CR1632 lithium batteries, which provide up to two years of expected service life. If your Lexus key fob isn’t working properly, it might be time for a new battery. Your key fob is your partner in keeping your Lexus safe, so you want to make sure it’s always working. A new battery can also provide peace of mind.

Do I need to replace the Lexus Key Fob right away when it stops working?

No, of course not! You can usually keep your Lexus key fob working for a few years more if you don’t mind having to replace the battery yourself. However, it’s still advisable to get this done as soon as possible before too much damage occurred and the device ceases to work altogether.

There are many reasons why this key fob may not be working properly. The battery could have been dead for a long time, or maybe it has just stopped receiving signals from the car due to an issue with the vehicle itself. The buttons may become stuck or cease working as a result of wear and tear.

If you believe the problem is more than simple wear and tear on your key fob, you’ll need to consult with a Lexus dealer or an authorized locksmith service that offers replacement keys.


A Lexus Key Fob is a small electronic device that you use to unlock and start your car. It’s an incredibly convenient way to get behind the wheel of your vehicle without having to dig for keys or worry about losing them, but it can also be inconvenient if the battery dies on you!

If this happens, and if you are experiencing problems with your Lexus key fob, it’s best to get a replacement battery at the first sign of trouble. Make sure you replace the dead battery as soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Battery replacement is not a difficult task and can be done in just a few minutes, even by someone who has never replaced the battery before.

You may think there’s no need for replacement when things seem fine at first glance, but we recommend getting started before any major problems arise!

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