How to Replace the Batteries in the Amazon Fire TV Remote?

The Amazon’s Fire TV stick remote is an excellent way to control your television while you are sitting on the couch. However, the batteries must be replaced at some point because they won’t hold their charge anymore. You may experience that your fire tv remote battery drain fast. Fortunately, replacing the batteries in an Amazon Fire TV remote is not that hard to do! This blog post will guide and walk you through the procedure step by step.

How to replace the batteries in the Amazon Fire TV remote?

The Amazon Fire TV remote is a great device for streaming movies and shows on your TV. However, it can be difficult to use when the batteries are dead or dying. If you find yourself in this situation that you need an amazon fire stick remote battery replacement, don’t fret! The detailed steps below are quick and easy to follow on how to replace the batteries in an Amazon Fire TV remote, so you’ll be able to get back to watching your favorite shows before you know it. Here’s how:

Step 1: Turn over the TV remote and locate the triangle shape icon at the lower portion at the back of the stick remote. Hold the part where the triangle is with your thumb and push upward gently (while the other fingers are supporting the front case). This will release the cover and will expose the batteries.

Step 2: Remove the old batteries from the Fire stick remote and dispose of them properly. You can ask your battery retailer store on how best to dispose of the old batteries if you are unsure. Some stores accept old batteries, and they will dispose of them for you.

Step 3: Place in new batteries and make sure they are facing to match the battery placement diagram on the remote’s back cover (indicated by a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs). Do not mix batteries of different types (old and new batteries), as this will cause the remote’s device to malfunction.

Step 4: Replace the Fire TV stick remote case and press it firmly to lock it into place. Do a trial test to check if you have successfully changed out the batteries in your TV remote.

Fire TV remote battery drain: Why are the batteries draining fast?

The average battery life should last about 9-10 months, but this will depend on how often you use the remote and what functions.

One possible reason for quick battery drain is when the stick remote is connected to an AI installed in your home as it continually communicates with your home AI. This can be frustrating if you are not aware of this function and drains the batteries quickly.

Another reason for battery drain is that this TV remote uses a Bluetooth connection (and not infrared) which continuously searches for your TV. If you have multiple TVs in the house or work with a projector, this can also drain the batteries very fast.

While there is no official response from Amazon to this inquiry, there are several hypotheses, including the two mentioned above, as to why batteries wear out faster.

What causes the Amazon Fire TV remote not to work?

The Amazon Fire TV remote might stop working because its batteries are flat. If this is the case, change the batteries and try again.

The remote might also not work because of physical damage to it. This can happen if you dropped your remote on the floor or stepped on it. Inspect the remote for any signs of damages or cracks on it.

Sometimes, the remote might not work because of a software error. You can test this by connecting it to your computer via USB and seeing if you are able to control any applications on your personal device with it. If you do, then try resetting the Fire TV stick back to its factory settings.

If you have just replaced the batteries and it isn’t working, you might have a faulty remote, or there could be something wrong with your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Contact Amazon for help.


The Amazon Fire TV remote is a great accessory to have for any home entertainment system. It can be frustrating if the batteries run out so quickly, but there’s no need to worry as you have now learned how to replace them yourself.

Battery replacement is a very simple and straightforward process just make sure that you use the same type of battery as what was inside before and keep your remote away from water or heat sources that might damage it over time. Also, ensure that you replace the batteries in your Amazon Fire TV remote as soon as it starts to show a significant decrease in battery life.

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