What Is the Average Battery Life of PS5 Controller?

For a gamer who uses the Play Station console, it is extremely important to have a controller that will last all day. With the release of the new PS5 controller, many people, especially those gamers, are wondering what is the average battery life of PS5 controller, and if it will last throughout a game. Keep reading and find out the answer to this question plus learn some ways to increase the battery life of a PS controller.

What is the average battery life of PS5 controller?

Playstation 5 is the newest PS console that was just recently released. As expected, PlayStation has created another best possible experience for their customers and made sure to use high-quality parts. This makes their products last longer, and the results are there to see in almost every aspect of PS hardware, including batteries. With its release comes the new PS5 DualSense controller.

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a game-changer. The PS5 controller battery life has an average battery life, with some reports of up to twelve hours and others that hover around the six-hour mark before players are met by low power warnings. Some would say that it took them less than five hours, and others would get less than that.

The new Sony tech allows you to take advantage while playing games without worrying about running out just when things are getting interesting. But of course, the battery life will still depend on the type of games you play and how long or often you use your controller. The new PS5 controller has amazing features, but like any other device that is powered by batteries, it will soon or eventually run out of power, and you’ll have to plug it in when necessary.

How long would it take to charge the battery in PS5 DualSense Controller?

The DualSense’s fast charge technology can do a full charge from 0% in 3 hours. This is just perfect for those who want the PlayStation 5 to stay active and powering devices while they’re not using it. The good news? It uses USB-C, so you’ll be future-proofed no matter what comes next on our technological journey.

Power is important, but so are other features. People don’t just want to charge their batteries and be done with it! They also need a controller that will last long enough for them to play without losing power in the middle of an epic game.

Can you increase the battery life in PS5 Controller?

There are different ways you can do to increase the battery life of your DualSense controller, and these are:

  • The battery life on the PS5 controller can be increased by decreasing or turning off its internal haptic motors. This is the most significant battery drain. You can turn it off from the Accessories Menu.
  • To extend the DualSense battery’s life, don’t charge it too often. The Lithium-ion batteries in the Dualsense are only meant to endure 500 cycles of charging.
  • You can lower down other features such as the controller’s light and vibrations to increase battery life.
  • Adjusting the trigger effect intensity can be done as well.
  • You can also decrease the brightness of your DualSense controller. The light on the controller will also affect its endurance, so keep it at a minimum level you find comfortable enough for playing.
  • You can also adjust its communication method to conserve battery life.
  • Make sure that you are using the recommended charging port for your PS5 DualSense controller. Using a charging port that is not recommended can decrease battery life and cause damage to the controller’s battery pack.

How do you check the remaining battery life of the PS5 DualSence controller?

The battery indicator in the quick menu is a good indication to see whether or not your DualSense needs to be charged. The PlayStation button on the DualSense controller instantly brings you to this menu. It will only display the battery level of the controller you’re using; therefore, if more than one controller is linked to the system, you’ll need to look at each separately.

In conclusion, in order to keep the PS5 DualSence controller work at its best, be sure to charge it appropriately. The battery life for this type of controller will depend on how you use it and how you take care of it. Unfortunately, there is no official procedure for replacing the battery in the DualSense controller. I hope that the tips on how to extend the battery life listed in this article will guide and help you prolong the life of your PS5 controller and enjoy playing your favorite games.

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