How To Drain Phone Battery Quickly?

Are you among those people who are always on the go who constantly use the phone for everything it has to offer, from surfing the web and playing games to checking email and updating social media accounts? If so, then this blog post is going to be a must-read for you. I'll show you how anyone can intentionally drain their phone's battery quickly in just a few easy steps. 

How to intentionally drain mobile battery quickly?

Quite often, our smartphones are the only way of getting through the day. It's not uncommon for us to be stuck somewhere without a charger or for our battery to die before we can get to a place where we can charge it--but what if there were a fun way to intentionally drain your battery?

Before we proceed with the discussion, let's find out first why do some people intend to drain their mobile batteries for a very meaningful and reasonable purpose. Some of the reasons include:

  • Some people intend to drain their phone batteries to test how long their phone can survive on a single charge.
  • Some people who own old phones with batteries that no longer hold a decent amount of charge do this so they can check if there's still a way to prolong the lifespan of these defective batteries.
  • Some would try to check the recharging time of the battery.
  • There are software developers who wish to deplete their batteries in order to quantify and analyze app energy use consumption.

The following activities are done to drain the battery quickly:

1. Turn on the internet connection and begin downloading something big.

2. In the background, launch all of your imaginable programs: play a high-definition video or a game.

3. Set the brightness to its maximum and keep it on at all times.

4. Set the device's network to the highest available technology and or check your phone's network, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections frequently.

5. Set the vibration function to the highest intensity.

6. Launch a GPS location app and keep it running continuously in the background.

7. Check for notifications from apps frequently, which activates the signal radio.

8. Keep social media like Facebook and Instagram apps open and refresh them frequently.

9. Listen to music with the highest volume, which causes the device's processor to work harder or watch videos on YouTube at full screen.

10. Synchronize files between your computer and phone every now and then (right before you sleep is best).

There are also certain apps that drain your battery quickly because they have a lot of features that can run up your power consumption rate, such as live wallpapers, weather; battery management; and data-intensive games. The life of your phone's battery will depend on the apps you frequently use on your mobile screen.

What are the major enemies of mobile batteries to drain quickly?

Cold Weather of Extreme Temperature

The cold is not just the best feeling. It's also bad for your battery. The freezing temperatures can leave you with a dead phone. The cold weather is one of the biggest enemies that can drain your battery completely in a short time. It also decreases performance and increases charging times when using a device in cold conditions because of how inefficient batteries work at lower temperatures. Even though hot weather can adversely influence performance and battery life, nothing reduces battery life like the cold.

Incorrect Chargers and Cables

Charging your device with non-approved chargers or cables causes permanent damage to the battery life. Using an incompatible cable or charger can cause malfunction to the device, sometimes even destroying your battery. Lithium-ion batteries are used for cell phones and other small electronic devices that need a stable power source. These chargers and cables are carefully designed specifically for your device, so it's essential to use them whenever possible.

Using the phone for gaming apps while charging

Playing games on a mobile phone while charging drains the power source. Even if your device is plugged in, it doesn't mean you should play games or watch videos, as this will increase power consumption and discharge your battery life quickly.

Is it safe to deplete the battery charge to 0%?

Everyone's battery has a maximum capacity the battery can hold. This number is usually around 500 cycles of complete discharge and recharge or, in simpler terms, about six months to one year before your mobile phone will stop charging completely or degrade. Once the battery stops charging altogether, you probably need to get the battery replaced.

When you deplete your battery to 0%, you are forcing the battery to go through one of its 500 cycles. If you constantly deplete your battery, it will lead to a shorter lifespan for your battery.

In conclusion, there may be plenty of reasons to get the mobile battery to drain quickly, but if you are not doing it for any specific reason, I would recommend NOT to do so. Exposing the battery to too much stress has been known to cause severe damage and, in some cases, even explosion due to overheating issues. If you want to keep your phone last long, take care of its battery. Watch out for signs of battery damage or overheating, and replace the battery if necessary.

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