How Do You Change the Batteries in Salter Scales?

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For more information on how to properly replace the batteries in your Salter Scale, read on.

How do you change the batteries in Salter Scales?

The time will come when you’ll need a salter scales battery replacement. When that time comes, it’s important to know how to properly replace the salter scales batteries. Here are the steps how to change scale battery:

  1. Flip over the Salter Scale carefully and locate a small battery compartment at the back of the scale.
  2. Open the battery cover, which typically has a small to remove the battery cover.
  3. Use a small prying tool to remove the old battery. Take note of which side was facing up because you will insert the new battery in the same way.
  4. Change the battery by sliding your brand-new Salter Scale into the battery compartment; the battery’s positive terminal should be facing up. Some models require two batteries, while others may need only one. Check your scale model’s manual for the most accurate detail on its battery requirement.
  5. Once the new battery is set, replace the cover, and press it down gently until you hear a clicking sound. Then flip your scale back over and check to ensure the numbers are displayed. There might be a slight delay, so it will show 0.0 for a few seconds before displaying your weight accurately.

What does Salter Scales battery type use?

A Salter Scale uses coin-type CR2032 Lithium batteries. They are high-quality batteries that last for years and have a long shelf life. For the scale to work at its best, change the batteries when they lose charge and immediately remove the old ones to avoid corrosion.

Why is the Salter scale not working after replacing the battery?

There are a few reasons why your Salter scale might not work after changing its batteries. If you’ve tried to turn it on and it still isn’t working, here are some things to look at first:

  • Re-check if you have installed the battery or batteries correctly.
  • See if you installed the new battery correctly. If your scale model requires two or more batteries, don’t mix old and new ones, as this can cause the scale to malfunction.
  • Check the battery compartment and see if there’s corrosion or damage; this might cause a short-circuit, which can hinder further usage of your scale after installing or replacing batteries.
  • Reset your Salter Scale after replacing the batteries. You can check the instructions on your Scale’s manual.
  • If nothing happens, contact customer service for further assistance. They’ll check whether the battery has problems or the scale itself is defective.


If you notice that your Salter Scale no longer provides accurate data or doesn’t turn on, it’s recommended to change its battery soonest. Knowing how to replace its battery ensures that you and your scale continue to work together properly without waiting for a service appointment. It’s also ideal for keeping a spare set of batteries at home so you can change them quickly and efficiently.

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